Monday, February 12, 2007

Don't Worry, We've Got PLENTY of Posts Saved

Including two very scathing ones about Santa Callahan (his Christmas comes on Signing Day, where he makes up for being such a horrible father by bringing in the best possible gifts he can find, never mind that more than half of them will break or explode in time), and of course the Grammys, a show I still can't believe is broadcast on network television.

At any rate, this is too good to pass up. In the new issue of Esquire, there's a pretty average piece on movie director David Fincher (Fight Club, Se7en). The article missed out on a lot, but it did mention something that has Fincher scared to death: The now infamous trailer to the movie The Shining, which has been redone to show how the media can sell a completely different movie to a certain audience. There's actually a school of thought that Fincher at first thought this trailer was the ACTUAL trailer that was shown in theaters before the movie was released, and somebody had to point out it's a fake. At any rate, the whole thing has Fincher freaked out. He still swears that a test audience went to see Seven expecting to see something like Legends of the Fall or Driving Miss Daisy because Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman were in it. Personally, I was expecting Thelma and Louise meets The Electric Company with Rita Moreno's head in a box. I also would have accepted watching Jessica Tandy trying to give Kevin Spacey head, but really now I'm just being picky. Spacey was never old Jessica's kind anyway.

So here's the trailer, and now it's making it's way to film classes on how studios are manipulating films. Remember, unless you're David Fincher, it's not the real one people. More later on the aforementioned Callahan's heart growing two sizes, the joke that the Grammys have been for decades, and some predictions on some really bad rock reunions coming to a venue near you this summer:


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Adam Douglas said...

whats up with Lucky? no word at all to why he just collapsed? I am shocked by the lack of information about this for 3 days now. He either OD, tried to kill himself, had a mysterious allergic reaction, or just passed out to natural causes? I can not think of any other causes and why if it was a medical condition, why someone has not leaked this information to the press. This is still Nebraska and he is still the projected starter at IB next season? Something is fishy.