Saturday, November 03, 2007

Game 10: Spirit of 76 (Or Special Scott Peterson "Time To Panic" edition)

(Callahan's smiling because he just found out FSR has a nice looking female sideline reporter he can talk to after halftime. Cosgrove's thinking not even the bible can save his ways now.)

My prediction: Bill Callahan lives to see ONE more year. That is, if he does what the athletic department does and hires Bo Pellini or the like as defensive coordinator. Oh make no mistake, Cosgrove could be in Lincoln right now finding his bags packed, and a nice plane ticket to the planet formerly known as Pluto. You don't let ANYONE, let alone a once lowly conference opponent, hang 76 points on your defense. A defense that doesn't even try. They don't tackle, and frankly, NONE OF THEM GIVE A SHIT!!! Kansas punted the ball once the entire game.


Meanwhile, Billy C was stuck with having to go with his #2 quarterback in Joe Ganz, who at times looked brilliant and at other times looked forceful. Doesn't matter -- this offense can move on almost anyone. Which is why I firmly believe they're going to give Callahan just one more year. Even if he called Osborne a "crotchety old fuck" because TO hasn't exactly endorsed any of this mess, nor should he.

Let's lay the real blame where it belongs. It belongs on Super Grover's Amazing Land of Make Believe. All that's missing is Henrietta Pussycat and that old drunk of an old lady who had the red nose from drinking too much Windsor. And a trolley to take Cosgrove away. You people are being paid millions upon millions of dollars to get shit right. You're asking people who can barely make $40,000 a year to pony up over $1,000 for season tickets -- hell $1,000 just for the rights to GET season tickets. And we're all supposed to buy this shit? And if we don't, we can buy it on pay-per-view? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME???

Folks, College Football is officially a big time business that brings in big time revenue to Universities across the land. And Kevin Cosgrove somehow got a hold of the golden goose, melted it down, and served it up for Thanksgiving Dinner some three years ago. This is an out and out joke; we're getting embarrassed by teams that shouldn't even be in games. You know what. Fuck Cosgrove. Fuck Callahan if he can't fire Super Grover. And fuck Tom Osborne, who had a long time in the politics game, if he can't find a way to get things fixed in a big way. Fuck Harvey Pearlman. Fuck Herby Husker. Fuck the 265+ sell outs that the sheep will continue to eat up in droves. Everyone needs to get their shit together and stop waiting in the weeds for the right time to come in and make some sort of fix. Steve Pederson made an incredibly bad hire at gun point in January, 2004. We're all paying for it now. And nobody seems to give a shit. Nobody, except for the folks in Lawrence, care that the Kansas Jayhawks put up 76 points on the Corn.

One guy at a bar saw the score on ESPN's bottom line.

"Is that a basketball game they played?" He asked.

"Nope. Nebraska couldn't even keep things that close in basketball."


Your Home Team, LLC said...

I may have to jump off the Embassy Suites parking garage roof if Callahan is allowed to stay here another year. At this point I dont care if Ricky Neuheisal is our next coach, hell at least he can play a guitar and sing John Denver songs, thats a hell of a lot more than anyone on this staff can do. The coaches and players have given up on this year altogether, coaches are busy writing resumes and from what I hear Cory Mckeon and players are getting drunk and starting fights on O st. So I definatly agree w/ you on the "Fuck em All" mentality except for TO to wich I say Daggum him.

Dirtylaundry said...

At this point, I don't care if the late John Denver himself is our coach.

Your Home Team, LLC said...

At this point I would take the late Bob Denver as our coach.

Dirtylaundry said...

Alan Hale would have sure made for a nice "skipper" of the Huskers too.