Monday, March 10, 2008

Trouble at The Rail

After about 3 months of really enjoying all the perks that come with being named the savior of the Nebraska Football program (and was REALLY excited about going to this Friday night's Bruce Springsteen concert in Omaha, something he acknowledged recently on a local radio station), Bo Pelini has to finally face the other side of what being the big cheese is all about.

The really ugly situation involves offensive lineman Andy Christensen, who found himself in trouble at....hold on, 1 guess...THE BRASS RAIL and was so worked up that it allegedly took seven or eight of Lincoln's finest to finally pin him down. Wow, who knew that somebody had that much anger pent up inside of them about Callahan leaving? Bond was set at a whopping $500,000. Uhm, isn't going to the Rail a bad idea for ANY current Husker?

Here's how much goodwill Pelini has in Nebraska. A caller to an Omaha radio station actually had the nerve to call in -- and really, get through -- and suggest that Christensen's sort of enthusiasm at the Rail is what the Huskers have been missing. The radio hosts immediately dumped the caller, to their credit, and said, "That's probably the worst call in the short history of this show."

But just as Pelini was ready to nip the Christensen story in the bud and get his game on to see The Boss, three current Huskers were mixing up their own trouble. It turns out they were out with two former Husker players, one of whom was...again, this is about as predictable as the Brass Rail here, Maurice Purify.

Hopefully somebody's suggested to the Boss that he play "State Trooper" from the Nebraska album on Friday night and dedicate it to Pelini.


Your Home Team, LLC said...

Rumor has it that the brass rail busts it's own just for the publicity(I made up that rumor by the way). Also, andy Christensen supposably goosed a girl at the rail, and that started off this whole debacle and ultimatly led to the demise of the previously undefeated bennington badgers basketball team in the state finals the following night. all being said, this is the perfect time for Pelini to lay the hammer down to these guys and set a tone for any of the other guys thinking about overweighting their axle's. Like the death pool, we may want to put some serious consideration into the 2008 Husker suspension Pool. Off Topic, Sunday is Selection Sunday and I will be in Vegas. Would like to lay some $ on a mid-shot to win it all this year, UNC will be to easy and predictable, Something like a Xavier or Purdue,,anyone got any ideals. If there ever was a year a 15-20 ranked team could do it this is the year.

notorious DEK said...

What is this world coming too? In this world of terrorism and elavated threat risks... We need to protect our bar patrons.... This girl could have been a suicide bomber or some sort of raisin smuggler... Mr. Christenson was just doing his patriotic duty and protecting his peers from terror.... It not his fault that he was born with sausage fingers and this woman obviously doenst love her country...

Anonymous said...

Put a fifty on Georgetown and thank me later, Schwabis. God, being in Vegas this weekend sounds fucking terrific.

I could never get a drink from the frat fuck bartenders @ the Rail so I did my drunken fondling at Duffy's