Monday, June 25, 2007

Nikki Leotardo Does Not Exist, in This Life Or Any Other One

By now the image of the guy in front of AJ Soprano has become the stuff of legend, but make no mistake: This guy is most definitely NOT Nikki Leotardo, as an Internet hoax suggested. How do we know? The person who claims to have started the whole Nikki Leotardo Theory says he made the whole thing up. Careful viewers already know this. The guy (who was making his acting debut by the way) is billed as "Guy in Members Only Jacket" in the closing credits. Those duped should also know that Chase and Company would never spell Nikki like the Nikki Sixx. In fact, Christopher Swenson, the guy who claims he made up the hoax, purposely spelled it with two K's to make it look even sillier.


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