Saturday, October 13, 2007

Game 7: Oklahoma State 45, Nebraska 17

It's never too early to start Holiday shopping, so please feel free to go ahead and order Saturday's big Oklahoma State win in Lincoln on DVD.

Since I refuse to listen to the game on the Husker Radio Network, I sat and watched the live FOX scoreboard (really a pretty up-to-the second and accurate little tool), and when it was 38-0 at halftime, I was actually praying for a shutout. Somebody told me the homer announcers on the radio were actually APOLOGIZING for what was happening, as if to go and listen to something else. Mackenzie actually suggested that the Billy C era has been worse than the Barry Collier Hoops era. OUCH. I compared Callahan to former New York Giants coach Ray Handley, who lost control of a football, was fired and never heard from again. I thought Billy C might start growing long ears and a tail like Pinocchio and turn into a jackass before halftime. Nebraska only has to win two games to become Bowl eligible; I don't think they can even win one more.

I've mentioned before that I've personally had the chance to meet Billy C three times. He's the ultimate salesman, through and through. All he's done since he's been here is sell. He came in with the West Coast Offense like the guy with the Monorail idea on The Simpsons ("Is there a chance the line could bend? Not on your life my hindu friend!"). We all lined up to see the new fireworks. Then we bought into the 4 and 5 star recruits, the kind not even Osborne could find. Where the hell are they? It's like getting XM radio in a new car and only getting local AM. We all got Corn fed this shit, and make no mistake, it's now officially over. There is no saving this season. You can spin this as good as Billy C could, but it's done. Go look at even the year he went to the Super Bowl in Oakland. That team almost quit on him THEN.

Now, on to Stevie P. It's highly unlikely something drastic is going to happen during the season, but if Harvey Pearlman really wants to make a statement and not lose the biggest cash cow this state has ever or will ever see, he's gotta ask Stevie to resign. Fire him if you have too. Sure, there are going to be financially consequences to firing both AD and head coach, but nothing that boosters can't surely come up with. You wanna bet some folks would fork over money to bring in the next Bob Stoops. And everyone knows, no coach worth his salt is going to work under Stevie P. It's like working for Jerry Jones. And the only guy he could find after firing Jimmy Johnson was someone off the scrap heap, just like Stevie P did here.

It was only fitting that the 1997 National Championship team was present for this game, including Tom Osborne. My guess is those boys were very vocal (remember, this was a team with BOTH Jason Peter and Grant Wistrom). That was only 10 years ago. It may be another ten before this program gets back on track.


BSmokedTurkey said...

Interesting stat that was in the Journal Star this morning: Callahan wold have to win 32 of his next 33 games to equal the record of Frank Solich.

Anonymous said...

I see Pedersen, Callahan and Cosgrove in some Lincoln Italian restaurant a la near the end of "Sopranos", discussing their situation when suddenly the music from "Raging Bull" comes on and Steve and the Coach start fake throwing punches at each other while Cos laughs. None realizing that they are all very soon to be dead. Dead, Dead, Dead.

Your Home Team, LLC said...

I wont be happy unless Steve Pederson(Not Peterson)is shitcanned, tarred and feathered. Baseball is going in the tank, the basketball team is still shitty and now Steven Wright, i mean Doc Sadler, who is the poster boy for Down Syndrom is going to make sure we finish in the bottom 3 of the conference every year.

Your Home Team, LLC said...

Mac, I see SP more as a Huckleberry Hound type..."Awww Shucks, I though Billy C was an excellant hire"

Anonymous said...

"Somebody told me the homer announcers on the radio were actually APOLOGIZING for what was happening, as if to go and listen to something else."

Best homer moment - at the end of the game, each one of the Three Homers took a turn tearfully pleading with the fans not to give up on the pride and traditions of Husker football.

Hey, most of our fans are reasonably mature and can take a loss in a tough game. What we can't take is NOT BEING COMPETITIVE. Until they fix the real problems with the program, don't expect us to sit around waving foam fingers and grinning happily as we get our ass kicked by mediocre programs (Ball State? Jeezus!)

Sorry, Husker Corporation shills. Cornhead and T-shirt sales will continue to decline until they get rid of Billy C and his damn delay of game offense.

Your Home Team, LLC said...

May only be rumor, but I am hearing the Pedey is officially out. I am waiting for confirmation, but the champaign is on ice. If this is true, I am popping the cork and getting shitfaced, I may be one of those drunks so happy they cry and little bit of snot bubbles come out of my nose.

Anonymous said...

I too will be keeping some Crown on reserve for the inevitable dismissal of that fucking rat turd bastard Steven P...(I have a hunch if you could find some people he went to high school w/you'd get something along the lines of "Oh yea, he was the biggest two-faced cocksucker in the joint)

In the interim here's a link to the last solid evidence that there may indeed be a God, and one who can build a body for speed and comfort (sorry, can't figure out the hyperlink):