Friday, October 12, 2007

Executive Game: It's Not Easy Being Green Edition

There's only one way back to this thing, and it's to go back to basics. I'm going with my good old friend Bill Griggsby told me: "If you're going to do college football, pick EVERY game, and meet us at Jazz on 39th street every Thursday afternoon to get in on the action." Hell, it's a rimshot, but we gots nothing left but free music coming out of our asses. Besides, what else is there to do when you your brother is quoted in a major story in today's USA TODAY (seriously Ratt, what ELSE goes on under that desk???):
  1. Michican (-6) over Purdue. Is it crazy to think that after Michigan started the year 0-2 after that devastating home loss to Appalachian State that now all of a sudden the Wolverines can somehow win the Big 10? Billy C might want to take a lesson here--you can actually get BETTER as the year goes on. Oh wait, Carr doesn't have Cosgrove in Ann Arbor. Nevermind.
  2. Syracuse (+17.5) over Rutgers. Rutgers is looking more and more like the Dexy's Midnight Runners of College Football. All you've got on your playlist is "Come on Eileen" (that big win against Louisville last year). Now? Well, you might play Nebraska in the Independence Bowl.
  3. Ohio (-4) over Eastern Michigan. Don't believe anything you hear from NU pundits. Frank Solich is laughing his ass off all over the place right now. But his team is in need of a win, so he better stop saying, "Without Question" at every press conference and worry about this game.
  4. South Carolina (-7.5) over North Carolina. Oh sure, THIS is the year that old ball coach decides he's got himself a football team. Just something a few boys who took to Vegas about one year ago would have liked to know about.
  5. Oklahoma State (+4) at Nebraska. My favorite part of the week was that finally Nebraska reporters started getting on Callahan at his weekly presser. Asking questions like, "Why do you say the same thing every week? Why do you always say 'We're getting better?" People are really, really starting to take him to task. And I said earlier this is just the game he comes out and wins, but I'll say by a field goal. BTW, I wish some reporter would ask Billy C next week if he went and downloaded the new Radiohead album and how much, if anything he contributed to get it. And I've got a crisp $100 bill to the first reporter who says, "Coach, it's inevitable you're firing Cosgrove at the end of the season. Why not just do it now? You could even give him the new Radiohead album on the way out."
  6. Texas (-17) over Iowa State. There are two schools of thought going around this week that make absolutely no sense: 1. The Big 12 North is all of a sudden better than the Big 12 South; 2. Texas has already packed it in for the season. Yeah, come back in about three weeks and say both of those things.
  7. California (-14.5) over Oregon State. Cal's looking like some sort of real deal, but they aren't in LSU's league yet. But give Cal credit. They get that style points matter. They could be up by 14 with 5 seconds left and the ball on Oregon States one yard line, where all they'd have to do is take a knee. This Cal team would punch it in, rankling the gambling community and pissing off other coaches in the process. Good for them.
  8. Texas Tech (-10) over Texas A&M. I'm sure everyone's aware at how much the shit hit the fan this week with the Aggies and their coach, and how former NU AD backtracked faster than Kent Thompson in a produce room. There's some unrest down there. A&M's just not that good. Oh, they can beat Nebraska at Nebraska, but hell, Ball State was thisclose to doing that.
  9. Missouri (+12) over Oklahoma. This is the truth "North vs. South" game. Missouri made Nebraska look like Kansas circa 1983 last week. Yes the game's in Norman, but if this year's taught us anything, 12 points is an AWFUL lot of points. Especially for a team that's legitimately underrated. Think about this. The Tigers are undefeated, ranked #12 nationally, and are 12 point dogs at Norman. And oh by the way, OU got beat on the road to....Colorado??? LOCK OF THE WEEK BABY. God I feel like Jimmy The Greek. I could use a Winston Owl Cigar.
  10. Auburn (+3) over Arkansas. Houston Nutt is officially target #1 on the alleged hot seat (you remember Houston Nutt, right, the #1 candidate to take over the Nebraska program??) Which reminds me, is Nebraska Head Football Coach THAT bad of a job? I mean, Devaney and Osborne are going to have statues erected in their honor. And you're telling me when looking for a coach, the best you could come up with was Houston Nutt, and a guy who just had his head handed to him from Al Davis? Yeah, living in Nebraska can be boring, it's not on anyone's top places to live. But my God, you could probably make $2 million a year and become king of the midwest. Or at least get a chance to run for Governor and lose.

Last week: 6-2
Overall: 18-14

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