Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The "Ade is Alive" Rumors Are Already Starting

Annie Leibovitz and Vanity Fair are up to their old tricks with the April, 2007 issue of said magazine.

We're not sure who that big fella with the cigar is on the left, but according to, the scantily clad woman giving him a lap dance is none other than the late Adriana La Cerva. Well, it's actually Drea de Matteo, the actress who played Ade. That picture makes everyone wish she was still alive. The issue also includes great Leibovitz pictures of the entire cast, including pictures of those who've died (Ralph Ciffareto's bald head, Steve Buscemi as Tony B looking just like he did when he was popped, and Big Pussy and Richie Aprille as they left the Sopranos world).

HBO can't ask for better press than this, with the final season set to air appropriately enough on Easter Sunday, April 8th.

Gandolfini with Matteo would be enough for the cover, but Leibovitz and Vanity Fair added series creator David Chase looking on with his sick mind in the background.

In unrelated news, no Husker Football Players have left the program recently.

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Mac G said...

I really miss Ade, her jersey accent and her unbelievable A$$. I wish Janice would die. No Updates on Spring Practice yet? I hear its Ganz's job to lose? haha, Come on DL, slacking!