Friday, March 09, 2007

That Didn't Last Long

The passing of time has told us that when it comes to Van Halen, the band, David Lee Roth was never the problem. Sammy Hagar was never the problem (well, OK, he was on a lot of those songs). The real problem has always been Eddie himself. And now Eddie realizes that the drunken behemoth he was on the last tour (you get the idea in the above picture) isn't the best idea, so he's officially checked into rehab to "work on myself" as Ed puts it.

This has to mean that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, which is coming up next week already, will definitely include Sammy, Diamond Dave, Michael Anthony, and Alex Van Halen. But from the sounds of things, not one Edward Van Halen. Which means these guys might actually get along at the event, and frankly I'm terribly disappointed by this because you just knew some sort of fireworks would ensue. Now, we'll have to settle for some Diamond Dave ramblings (he won't disappoint in that department, his recent comment comparing the VH reunion to "Knots Landing meets Jerry Springer" proves that Roth isn't at a loss for words). And of course, the really true reunion of REM, where I'm expecting nothing short of "South Central Rain", "Radio Free Europe", and a cover of the Monkees "Last Train To Clarksville", the latter being Stipes way of demanding the Monkees get recognition by the Hall of Fame.

But here's the other problem with a sober Eddie. We know that a rehabbed or drunk-free Eddie becomes very difficult to deal with. I can't see that Eddie dealing with Roth's shit, especially with heir apparent Wolfgang on board for the tour. What Diamond Dave once referred to as "inevitable" now simply seems impossible.

Rehab is nothing new for Eddie. The records show he's already tried it at least twice before. He told Rolling Stone back in 1995 that "I always got hammered to be able to cope. I have zero social skills and I don't know how to act, so I get drunk. And then I make a real ass out of myself."

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todd said...

the big rumor is that dave's boycotting the induction ceremony. might just end up being wolfie, michael anthony and hagar.