Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Things Are Escalating

While we're all wondering how the mainstream media misses all sorts of important information we need, turns out they've been sleeping at the wheel when it comes to all things Mary Ann related (to the media's credit, the old lady DID get busted in late October, when there was a lot of shit going on, not like now when it's an election year and the Governor of New York gets in a little bit of trouble).

At any rate, the real news is that there's another You Tube-esque site debuting tomorrow, and it's supposed to be the site that will show us all the fun stuff we've been missing over at youtube, but I'll be a bit leery, especially if the Eddie Murphy years of SNL aren't included (but Lebowski clips are promised, again, we'll see).

Don't you think, just for grins, Eliot Spitzer should try to stick around for a little while? I mean, we ALL made some nice money on Clinton's watch while he was fooling around...hasn't New York been doing fine under this guy?

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TravisRoastBeef said...

And, this is breaking local news here! Because we got our dirty little fingers in everybody's pies. As I was watching Martha Stewart yesterday, like I do almost everyday at 1PM, A caller(Beth Clarke) w/ pic from Blair, NE Phoned Martha and had about a 5 minute conversation on how to get her cookies soft and fluffy. Even better, I know this gals husband. The only problem is now the whole fricking nation thinks us Blairites make flat hard cookies. The next thing you know Gary Sievers is going to call in to Dr. Sue Johansen to talk about his Erectile Dysfunction.