Thursday, March 06, 2008

Isn't This The Sort Of Thing The Mainstream Media Should Hammer Into Our Heads?

There's going above and beyond the call of duty, and then there's Marisa Tomei agreeing to allow Philip Seymour Hoffman do her doggie style and have the whole thing filmed.

I read great reviews about Before The Devil Knows You're Dead, but I have a strong feeling that I would have remembered one that mentioned a very, very naked and rather graphic Tomei letting the guy who had a crush on Dirk Diggler in Boogie Nights work her silly.

The really good news is that we have this little website that has the whole thing broken down High Definition style in four parts. All we ask is to please spread the good word that this scene exists.

One minor catch that you'll actually not be bothered with so much on repeat viewings: You are going to deal with an at first glance startling and equally naked Philip Seymour Hoffman and his bare ass, but hell it's worth it. You have to think that Hoffman, who's now a very happy guy, demanded at least 30 takes of this scene. "Sidney, those damn red warts on my ass were showing during that last round. We really should try this again one more time, (thinking that he saw Marky Mark work that sort of magic in Boogie Nights), I'll get it right for this great project of yours." No wonder when Javier Bardem won his Oscar, Hoffman just sat and smiled the whole time.


TravisRoastBeef said...

First off, I feel dirty just having watched that little flick. Who would have thought that Tomei would have a lower point in her career than starring in the aforementioned "Playing For Keeps". Secondly, I think it is High time that Marissa Tomei makes the Dirty Laundry hall of fame, along with Kevin Cosgrove and James Gandolfini. And just to go full circle, it looks as though are favorite little Tart Marrisa Tomei will be starring in a new film with Ray Liotta (See above post) in 2008 called the night job.

Dirtylaundry said...

Oh if there's ever a first balloter, she's IT. I mean, we could just change the name of this site to "Jerking Off to Marisa Tomei" and get it over with. I don't even feel BAD about Phillip Seymour Hoffman creeping up in one of my fantasies accidentally. OOPS, wow, did I just say that out loud? Is that actually in print?

Oh yeah, that list would look something like this:


(wide gap between 1st and 2nd)

Callahan (let's face it, he basically built this place)
Liotta (you just reminded me we need to give that guy a lot more love, our lives are better off with him in it)
Bubba Clinton(I'm sorry, I'm still on people who I'd like back in my life only because he made things such fun, he'll make our hall, but not on the first ballot)
Carrie Underwood (OOPS, Trees Trunk's Hall of Fame, but you gotta figure she's eventually a shoe in here now)
That poor old man in that picture from Blair smoking a pipe at George's Bar.

That's it. That's the list. Bsmoked will just have to wait for another ballot.

Dirtylaundry said...

I know everyone else is thinking the same thing I am. That in that picture of Marisa with Winona, you have to hope that she offered some career advice to her.

Because in two years, it'd be nice to stumble upon a movie where John Goodman is working Winona doggie style. I mean that would just be fun for everybody.

Mac G said...
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Mac G said...

My morning was going lovely until I saw Seymours fat ass. YIKES.

Man, Hollywood is even cooler than I already thought it was.

DL, are you making the roadie to the catch one of these events?

If you want a Growing Pains flashback, Search for Kirk Cameron and Bananas on You Tube. Weird stuff.

TravisRoastBeef said...

Please tell me you have not forgotten about Rich from Loyal's. If that dude isnt a first ballot Hall of Famer I dont even want to be involved in the balloting. Rich may get his own wing in fact.

Dirtylaundry said...

True that = Rich From Loyal's. Frankly, we haven't given him any love for fear that names like RAY THOMPSON and SANDI STONE and well a whole lot more would start popping up on this site.

Not only is that a much deserved honor for Rich, but damn that's something that would bolt this site up and now reminds me that we wasted some nice material back in the day on Bsmoked's Old Tin Can Site.

And by "Back in the day" I really mean One Year Ago. And trav, isn't there a Flynn all purtied up just waiting for someone to come take his picture? Shouldn't you be ON that right now?

Dirtylaundry said...

Lebowski fest, yes, that's ordinarily the thing where I am all in on, and I realize that when Mackenzie lets the room in on all of those Eagles songs on my ipod, there are gonna be a lot of John Goodman wannabes staring at me with crazy murder in their eyes.

So that would be fun for everyone, and get this site here some sick play, but I will have to table that idea for another day.