Wednesday, February 14, 2007

There Goes Lucky!

The rumor mill has been working overtime on what in the hell is going on with Marlon Lucky. This happens when his family and Billy C are understandably quiet on the whole subject. I mean, at the end of the day, it's really none of our business other than whether or not the guy is going to play football again for the Corn.

Here are a few things we DO know, and this stuff may or may not pertain to Lucky. Ever since Billy C became the new sheriff in town, he made the art of recruiting his mantra. So much so that most of the media bought into it, starting with the now infamous 4-page spread the Omaha World Herald ran in February, 2005 with Callahan's first recruiting class, which included the bust that was Harrison Beck and Marlon Lucky. The Weird Herald has pulled this shit ever since, including with this year's class. These kids, some of who are 17-years old, get immediate rock star treatment. There are glowing quotes about their abilities, how they'll fit in, what to expect from them. Mel Kiper Jr doesn't get this in depth on NFL Draft day, or even in his 800 page draft kit. But from February, 2005 on, both Beck and Lucky were looked upon as the second coming of Tommie Frazier and Mike Rozier. Lucky would even wear Johnny Rodgers old #20 (a number which should be retired by the way, but we've spent enough time on this issue). Harrison Beck received a POLICE ESCORT on the interstate to the spring game for crying out loud. Nevertheless, a backfield that included Lucky at I-Back and Beck under center danced in Husker fans heads. So the expectations on those two alone were simply unreasonable. Again, this isn't to say anything about why Marlon Lucky was found unconscious Sunday at his apartment in Lincoln and rushed to Bryan LGH Medical Center.

Lucky's family released the following statement:

  • "We would like to make it clear that MarlonĂ‚’s medical emergency did not come about as a result of the use of alcohol or any illicit drugs. We are very appreciative of the thoughts and prayers for Marlon during this time."

EVERYONE is putting boldface print on the word ILLICITT" in front of drugs. As if this could be some sort of TO swallowing too many Vicodin situation. Again, not suggesting anything, but we should remember this: A few years ago, Real Sports on HBO and Bernard Goldberg did an amazing piece on former Husker great Jason Peter. The segment was amazing in how candid Peter was in admitting how hooked he was on pain and sleep medication. He admitted to taken dozens of pills of Ambien and Vicodin. Peter also mentioned how easy it was for somebody like him to get these addictive pain pills from doctors. He could simply bring in an autographed jersey or football and a doctor would write scripts for Vicodin and the like, with plenty of refills. Peter was so upfront about his problems that Goldberg went back and revisited the segment just last year. Peter is doing much better, he looks great (even losing a ton of weight, I was stunned at how slimmed down he was), and even brought up the fact that he was going to have major knee surgery soon, and that pain medication was going to be brought back into his life. Goldberg asked Peter how he would handle having to take the meds following the surgery. Peter said he would now have to rely on loved ones who knew of his problems and make sure the episodes wouldn't reoccur.

This goes back to the treating of these college students as rock stars, and illustrates just how easy it is for a Husker Football player to get these drugs. None of this could apply to Lucky, but when you're a rock star, and slated to be next season's starting running back, people most definitely talk.

Here's the other curious thing: Why is it that we just now get a statement from Billy C? Before yesterday, it seemed that Lucky's high school coach was doing all of the talking, dating back to when Lucky almost left the team following the Cotton Bowl. Just curious...


Mac G said...
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Mac G said...

Now the Long time trainer just quits? And he denies it being related to Lucky, which obvious means it was. He was prolly passing out pain killers like they were Pez. I heard Shatel told the media to stop and drop it. The starting IB and the most heralded recruit in a long time, collapses, rushed to the hospital and the media is supposed to not cover the story?

I think the media should do more and this was bad PR by the Husker football program. Tell everyone what happened and its a one or two day story. Instead, they drag it out, rumors fly all over the place and it makes them look like they are hiding something. have any thoughts? Dek told me to give a shout out to Pimpstick. word, Mac G