Monday, February 12, 2007

Recruiting Now More Overhyped than the Sub-par Bowl

"Where does he get all of those wonderful toys???"
--The Joker (Jack Nicholson), Batman, 1989

Our favorite salesman, Bill Callahan, has convinced the Omaha World Herald and a number of local television that national signing day is the equivalent of playing in for a National Championship. Just last week, the Weird Herald ran a full FOUR PAGE spread on all of the new toys that Billy C bought for all the good Husker fans on national signing day. In his short time at Nebraska, Callahan has used this special day to wipe away any negative thoughts fans might have lingering from the previous season. In 2005, the elevation of Harrison Beck (you remember him, right?) to Tommie Frazier-esque status on signing day made everyone forget that Joe Dailey even existed. Now we're all supposed to buy into the fact that all of those defensive holes that Oklahoma State of all teams exposed last season. One such recruit, a junior college transfer, was quoted by a recruiting expert (the type of job Mel Kiper Jr had in 1982) as being maybe "the greatest junior college player -- EVER." All enough to make you forget about five losses, aint it?

Billy C is as smug as he can ever be on signing day. It's the happiest you'll see him since that day back in January, 2004, when this plumb job fell into his lap after Al Davis and the NFL tossed him to the curb. We can't deny the fact that each year, Billy C has brought in some incredibly talented players. He's scoured every corner of the nation for some of these kids. Hell, the last place he looks for recruits is in the state of Nebraska, which isn't a bad thing considering what he's trying to do. The real problem is now what he and the coaching staff does with all of these toys.

The Beck (Harrison, not the alternative music star) fiasco is well documented. Nebraska was thisclose to losing the other star from the 2005 class, Marlon Lucky, during the off-season. Who the hell knows what bill of goods Billy C and his cracker jack staff promise to these 4 and 5 star recruits. All I know is we're know officially into year 4 of the Billy C Experience. This is the year our man is officially on the clock, tough schedule and all. Another five loss season and Recruiting Day will be about as meaningful as Groundhog Day.

Or the Grammys.

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