Saturday, December 30, 2006

The Killer

I made a big deal over at BSmoked Turkey earlier about my favorite Martin Mull moment. When Craig Kilborn used to have his little late night show after Letterman on CBS, every Thanksgiving, he’d have this roundtable with 3 other folks. Every year, he had the late Rod Roddy from the Price is Right, and Martin Mull, with some other odd mystery guest (one time they just had Anna Kornikova staring out from a TV and not say anything, probably because it was some ESPN feed they were running and poor Anna had no clue she was a part of things). For whatever reason, Mull and Kilborn were pure comic gold. It’s like Martin Mull understood what Kilborn wanted to do, or maybe Kilborn just brought out the best in Martin. Anywho, those Thanksgiving shows were always events I couldn't wait to see, only because I knew Martin Mull was good for at least five legitimate laughs. One of my favorites was when Kilborn asked the group who their favorite young Hollywood Actor was. Without missing a beat, Mull said, “You say Potato. I say Jared Leto.” Not many folks get or I guess understand Martin Mull. But damn I miss those Thanksgivings with him.

Lots of Kilborn stuff on youtube, most of it with musical guests. But the real find today comes after another Christmas going by without "The Larry Sanders" shows other seasons being released on DVD. The great news is that you can literally find most of these episodes, usually in two or three parts. One of the best appears below. I can't tell you how excited this makes me. I might put a different episode up everyday for the next few weeks. Enjoy:

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BSmokedTurkey said...

Top notch clip.

"David Brenner sent bownies."