Monday, January 01, 2007

Sleeping Summerall

It's been widely reported that Pat Summerall has quit his alcohol habit for years, which explains why he's a natural choice to do play by play for a game on New Year's Day at 10:30 AM CST.

You know what? FOX has a lot of money and could put a dog doing dishes to call this game. But for Chrissakes, here are some of the early Summerall highlights:
  • "Bill Callahan won a Super Bowl a few years ago....But he loves college football (NOTE: Well, it actually doesn't merit a note, but all readers know that Billy C didn't win that Super Bowl, in fact got his head handed to him by his former coach)."
  • "Pufi-FEE with the catch. Oh, Pufiy."
  • "He's better than Lucky....Marlon Lucky is the running back...Replacing...Marlon Jackson...this is a surprise (His replacement's name is actually Brandon Jackson)"
  • "Taylor to throw the ball....oh that's Thomas. (NOTE: Poor Pat has called Zac Taylor by the name of Thomas at least twice already...And we're in the first quarter)"

I'm sorry, but it's almost like Summerall was out like the rest of us last night, woke up, got a sheet on a game he was supposed to call in the early morning, and doesn't have a clue of who's even playing in this game. Pat Summerall is acting like he's doing this job as some huge payback or favor for somebody at FOX. But it's certainly sad. Summerall doesn't even know where he is. It's almost like he started drinking again during the start of the broadcast. I'm having a hair of the dog from last night right now, but when I hear poor Pat Summerall attempt to do anything involving this Cotton Bowl broadcast, I had to immediately come to the monitor and call him out.

On another note -- it looks like Billy C actually gives a shit about this game, but unfortunately he still has Kevin Cosgrove in his hip pocket.

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notorius DEK said...

Summerall sounded more robotic than his likeness on Madden '99... he sure did pick the wrong day to quit sniffin glue...