Friday, December 29, 2006

Our Best of 2006 (Insert Your Own "It's Not Like There Was Much To Choose From" Joke Here)

So we might have SOME sort of legs, considering that a few of these articles continue to this day to receive comments. And with Bsmoked Turkey around, we can count on at least one person to appreciate our non-Husker related rants.

(By the way, I'm pleased to announce that I currently lead their 2nd annual bowl pool, although right now the Old Ball Coach has me awfully nervous. I wonder if Bsmoked knows how to spell "Spurrier" or even "Callahan". I hope he gets mine correct before he engraves it on the winner's trophy.)

Oh, and I guess if you have to quit drinking before you're of legal age, you might as well at least try out to be a stripper. Elvis died at the age of 42, and he had a good 6 years of trying to get over a divorce as his reason for getting so hooked on pain pills. What are the odds this girl doesn't make 30? Can you even pick Lindsay Lohan in the death pool anymore? Do you have to give money to pick her or Haley Joel Osment? And speaking of death, ever notice on all of these year end death "honor rolls" that every news organization thinks they has to spill out with cheesey music that barely any of them mention Kirby Puckett? Are attention spans that short that nobody can remember that he died in March?

Alright, so here's how I year in review goes (and we didn't even get up and running until late August, so we have an excuse if we don't mention Puckett dying):
  • "Billy C Might Not Be For Me": First appeared on Monday, August 21, 2006. We had over 40 comments in less than two days, and we have Deadspin to thank for this. Hell, we have Deadspin to thank for us even continuing on to this day. This article still is the one that brought out the most passion and hate mail, primarily because it was right before the start of the football season and all Husker fans were convinced this was a National Championship Year. Or at worst, a BCS Season. But definitely not a Cotton Bowl season. I'd go at it with Billy C all season long, sometimes backing him, other times calling him out. Next year has to be his really big season. If not, go back and read my first blog, typos and all.
  • "LP, TO and OJ": It seems like every other day since this first was published that we'll get a comment or email about this, mostly because it shows up on google when you type in the words "Lawrence Phillips". I'm surprised at how many people are still interested in this story (and frankly LP). Mostly I'm stunned at how few people recall that Scott Frost was in that apartment building.
  • "Casting Moneyball: The Movie": Our most popular blog (in terms of number of hits and publicity). We even got a great Deadspin feature on this story (with PICTURES!), which is always nice. Probably our proudest moment, but it's great to note how this story came about. Mackenzie was down in Lincoln at a Husker game, doing what anyone else does during a non-conference Corn blowout. So three sheets to the wind, he calls to tell me something I swore I'd never put in print (or at least on this blog) again, and then out of nowhere says the following: "Hey, I know what you're next blog is. Cast Moneyball the movie only don't just decide who should play Billy Beane, give parts to everybody in that fucking book. Damn that chick's got a great ass, I gotta pour another Crown and Coke." And there became our most famous blog. I'm particularly proud of my Paul Giamatti as Bill James casting, not only because Wil at Deadspin also loved it, but because I decided to pull a Mackenzie and have some adult beverages while writing it.
  • "Is It Too Late to Cast Tom Cruise?": At least that's what Deadspin called it when they posted it. Written by Mackenzie, he called the piece, "What if I were to tell you that I had a package deal with Dennis Rodman and Vern Troyer? Is that something you might be interested in?", which is both an inside joke and Entourage reference. No piece that we did made Deadspin laugh more than this one did. And I still have no idea why Mackenzie isn't contributing more. It's Mac at his finest, and if I have to pin him down before New Year's Eve to put something new together with more Crown and Cokes, all the better.
  • Damon Fits In Wherever He Goes: FINALLY! A non-Husker related story that Deadspin linked to us. Nothing made me feel better than seeing that link to this story, mostly because I was so sick and tired of Husker shit, mostly because I have about 500 more frustrated Royals stories in me, but mostly because it proved we could do more than diss Billy C and have an audience.

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BSmokedTurkey said...

You'll be happy to know that I put Entourage in my Netflix cue. That should increase my odds of knowing what the Hell you guys are talking about by 6-7%.

Mack (still can't get used to that handle) is diverting all his energies into a project with Ted Kooser and Maya Angelou.