Monday, October 02, 2006

There's Never Been A Happier Team To "Just" Lose 100 Games

Or one that had this much of an impact on how the post-season is now officially set up. I mean, the Royals actually busted out the rally caps yesterday, they were so hell bent on screwing up the Tigers season. You had to think that Leyland and the Tigers loved their chances, getting to host the Royals and their 100 losses for their final three games, and really all they'd have to do is win ONE game and they could host Oakland at Detroit to start their version of the ALDS. Now they get to start at Yankee Stadium, all because of our pesky 100 loss team, a team who compelled those who were actually at the Metrodome yesterday to hang around and actually watch the rest of the KC/Detroit game on the big screen. Seriously, the Dome is the worst place in the world to watch a baseball game. Why on earth would you want to stay and watch one on TV there?

At any rate, we were always pulling for the Twins because we have, ahem, some family ties still with the team. Trust me, it's going to be a much better week now that the Twins get to open with two at the Dome against Billy Beane's crew. As long as Johan wins game 1 at least.

So how to we put a nice ribbon on another dismal Royals campaign where they lost at least 100 games for the third consecutive year? Well, they at least didn't finish with the worst record in baseball because of their finally coming alive against the Tigers on the last weekend of the season (Congratulations, Tampa Bay Devil Rays, you made Royals fans happy). They'll probably have a gold glove winner in 2nd baseman Mark Grudzielanek. And the Allard Baird era is now so far back in the rearview mirror that we'd like to forget it ever even happened. Other than that, the only real highlight of the season was George Brett winning the Royals Hometown Hero Award. So let's just move on -- Opening Day in KC is April 2nd against the Red Sox of all teams. The Royals have two legitimate studs in their farm system in Alex Gordon and Billy Butler, and with Dayton Moore calling the shots I actually feel good about the organization keeping both of these guys.

It's going to be an interesting off-season for once, as we get to see what Dayton Moore learned under John Schuerholz. He might have to hire a new manager due to Buddy Bell's health concerns (please at least look over in Hal McRae's direction, even if they don't win he'll at least be a lot of fun). Moore's gotta figure out what to do with blossoming third baseman Mark Teahan (Seriously, what a great fucking problem to have, a legitimate third baseman with another one who's just been named Minor League Player of the year waiting in the wings). I just hope next year the highlight of the season is more than watching two teams clinch playoff spots on consecutive days.

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