Monday, October 02, 2006

State of the Union: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Blog

This whole thing started all the way back in early April, as I was flat out disgusted by all of the glad handling from the local media regarding the University of Nebraska football program, and more importantly, putting a jury's-still-out-on-whether-this-guy-is-a-bonified-clown-yet coach by the name of Bill Callahan on a pedestal. I was outraged that nobody from either of the major local newspapers (Omaha World Herald and Lincoln Journal Star in particular -- hell, they're really the only games in town) never offered anything resembling a real opinion on anything Husker football related and were basically just PR departments for the University in general.

So I came out with all guns blazing and penned my now infamous "Billy C Might Not Be For Me" blog, which became posted on (and endorsed by) the most addictive website in the world right now, Deadspin. I was absolutely stunned at how many Husker fans reacted, many who couldn't believe somebody would dare say a discouraging word about Billy C. I even got two DEATH THREATS (the best was somebody wishing that I would get AIDS immediately). In fact, it was Deadspin who gave us life, posting a few more Husker related blogs and most famously, our casting of the Moneyball movie.

Kissing Suzy Kolber, another terribly entertaining and addictive read, posted a blog today that pretty much sums up how we feel about all of this blogging, and more importantly, how it's made sports and sports reading FUN again, really for the first time since Keith Olbermann left ESPN. Not having to cowtell to any corporate chain or entity, ANYTHING is fair game. I can speculate on when Callahan is going to start growing pointy ears and a tail because he's such a jackass. I can't find any decent Kansas City Royals coverage anywhere (save for some occasional columns from Joe Posnaski and Jason Whitlock in the KC Star), so I started doing some Royals blogs (which I must say nobody has given a damn about, seriously the Royals have to have the absolute smallest fan bays of fans in all of MLB, maybe even smaller than the Devil Rays). The the point is, ESPN cares about the Yankees and Red Sox and Monday Night Football, oh and of course steroids. Blogging has given great articles for people who actually give a shit about other sports related items. And it's a helluva lot of fun.

So this blog and site is still finding it's way. We'll continue to diss the Huskers when needed, I'll get SOMEBODY to care about at least one Royals article, and now that I have my lifetime friend Mackenzie on board (and yes, he's PROMISED to get something on here before A-Rod strikes out with the bases loaded for the first time against the Tigers in the ALDS), we'll be posting things outside of those interests. Hell, I never thought this would be exclusively a sports blog (you can go back and find an article where I talked about Joe Walsh one time, and David Letterman, neither of which say two words about the Huskers). I still plan on blogging about whatever's funny or entertaining or whatever strikes the mood that day. For example, I'll probably review all of the final episodes of the upcoming final season of The Sopranos, and would like to have reviews up before the end of the night the Sunday they air, before any other medium got around to posting them the next day. So you've all got that to look forward to come next March (or in 2010, whenever David Chase gets around to getting the damn things done).

From about late 1996 through 2003 (when we both got promoted and actually had to start doing a little more WORK and were fearful of big brother checking our computers), the highlights of our work days were the emails that Mackenzie and I would share back and forth. He'd gloat about the Yankees, we'd both rip Husker fans, we'd talk about movies a lot (we've even got our annual Oscar pool down to the point where Hollywood's going to want to look at our blogs before making any predictions). We never lost our love for writing, even if it was just to explain our weekend's to each other.

All I know for sure is that blogging is the most entertaining media outlet going at the time. Nobody has to worry about pissing off sponsors, a corporate partner, a colleague, or ANYBODY anywhere. It's such a freedom that we don't want to stop anytime soon. And we won't. To quote Dirk Diggler, I'm just gonna keep rockin and rollin.

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