Monday, October 02, 2006

Our 2006 MLB Award Winners

The way the voting really should be (and it's gotta be better reading that having to see who Steve Phillips picked, right?):

AL MVP: David Ortiz, Boston. The award is supposed to be given to the player who's the Most Valuable player to his TEAM, and it doesn't say that the award HAS to go to a player who played on a team who made the playoffs. It wasn't always this way either. The Yanks still would have won the East without Jeter, but the Sox without Ortiz and his clutch hits...I mean, you're almost talking the Baltimore Orioles here.
AL CY YOUNG: Johan Santana, Minnesota. The only mystery here is whether or not he'll win unanimously, and that's not much of a mystery
AL ROOKIE: Justin Verlander, Detroit. The only candidate to have lasted the entire season.
AL MANAGER: Ron Gardenhire, Minnesota. Somehow he got to Twins to win their DIVISION win it looked like in May they might be having a fire sale. If Jim Leyland wanted the award so bad he shouldn't have let his team get swept by the Royals to end the season. Or maybe he just wanted to start the playoffs at Yankee Stadium.
AL COMEBACK PLAYER OF THE YEAR (God I wish they could just call it the Viagra Award): Frank Thomas, Oakland. Just one more thing to put on the Hall of Fame Plaque.

NL MVP: Ryan Howard, Philadelphia. The Phillies traded Bobby Abreu at the trade deadline, and because of Howard, the Phillies were still in contention for the Wild Card going into the last week of the season. This vote shouldn't even be that close -- what, Pujols deserves it even though he missed a month and it took the Braves beating Houston for the Cards to even MAKE the playoffs?
NL CY YOUNG: Trevor Hoffman, San Diego. Something else for him to put on HIS Hall of Fame plaque.
NL ROOKIE: Dan Uggla, Florida. Wasn't it a foregone conclusion that a Marlin was going to win this thing, since they were basically starting all rookies?
NL MANAGER: Joe Girardi, Cubs -- Oops, Flordia. If you're Girardi, what do you do -- go be a bench coach with Torre and take over as the Yankee skipper in a couple of seasons, or immediately head to Wrigley Field and try to become the biggest hero in town since Mike Ditka? NL COMEBACK PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Noh-mar Garciaparra, Los Angeles. Thanks beautiful.

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