Sunday, October 01, 2006

Wasn't this the Nutt Stevie P Was Going to Pay $2 million to Coach Your Football Team???

Yep, turns out it's the very same Houston Nutt. Those who follow the Corn will remember that Houston Nutt was Steve Peterson's first choice to come in and clean up Frank Solich's mediocre mess. Not only did NU openly court the Nutt, but they did so to the tune of ponying up more money than they eventually paid to Billy C. Turns out that there were two million reasons for Nutt to come take charge of the Huskers but he famously could not "take my family, myself, and get on that plane."

Less than one week later, Stevie P had his guy in Billy C, and saved a little money along the way. As we noted earlier, Nebraska's football coach gets paid the same from his university employers as the Kansas football coach.

Stevie P might have slicked out of that deal unscathed, as this seems to be the make or break year for Nutt at Arkansas. They haven't been to a bowl game since the 2003 season (hell, Billy C's been to one since then). They got absolutely hammered by USC at home to open their season (hell, Billy C can at least brag about beating the spread against Southern Cal -- on the ROAD). They play at number 2 Auburn on Saturday, and from the looks and sounds of message boards and websites like, oh I don't know,, if the Razorbacks can't at least keep it close against a team that could very easily be playing for a National Championship, Nutt may have no choice but to get on a plane. I know the SEC is the best conference in college football, and a three or four loss season can still be viewed as successful, but should you let even USC put up 50 on you at home?

Husker Football. Three National Championships in the '90's, and the two guys selected to try and bring things back to that point are Billy C and a guy named Houston Nutt. And out of those two, they might have actually picked the right guy!

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