Friday, February 15, 2008

Some People Are Just Great Talk Show Guests

Some people are just meant to be talk show guests. Charles Grodin comes to mind. Dom DeLuise when Burt Reynolds or a fifth sandwich would appear. Norm McDonald, or that old dead guy who used to go on Letterman and talk candidly about the NFL. In other words, all entertaining folks, but for whatever reason they're at their best on Talk Shows. No one epitomizes this more than Martin Short. You can really only take him in REALLY small doses as he only has flashes of brilliance. He had a great one-year run on SNL, but really, what else has Marty Short given us? Wednesday night on Letterman, he pulled off a brilliant TMZ spoof (you have to to to about the 2:00 mark on the video above to watch). The photo shot of him with Steve Martin on the beach before isn't bad either. And as always with Short, he overstays his welcome after the TMZ short (I'm not wild about his little Lounge Singer act, something only Bill Murray could truly pull off, but I'd like to see Andy Dick give it a try).

Lots of talk about Carrie Underwood from the previous post, and I think the City of Blair, NE is about to hand the keys of the city to her really soon, especially if Bsmoked and Trees Trunk get the petition started. Well, turns out Old Man Henley has a thing for her too. Here's a phot of him offer young Carrie what seems to be a hot towel. In the interest of full disclosure, Henley's wife has been suffering with MS for quite sometime, something the man tries to keep very private so we'll honor that here. In other words, you can't be expected to close your eyes forever kids.


BSmokedTurkey said...

Are you spying on me? You've had some money posts lately but I was freaked out to see this entry.

I've watched about 30 minutes of Letterman this year and just happened to catch this bit the other night. I also liked the a bit that was prior to this clip pointing out George Bush's deformed finger. I was laughing so hard I thought I'd wake up my wife.

Also, don't overlook Prime Time Glick, where Martin Short is concerned.

Mackenzie said...

And BS, wasn't there some fucked up Martin Short HBO special we used to watch during the Dazed and Confused days that had us giggling as Marty played a fat woman yelling at her son Steffen?

I agree tho, Yokel, the lounge act he does is always a dud.

BSmokedTurkey said...

Steffan! You SHUT UP, STEFFAN!

Mac G said...