Friday, November 09, 2007

Executive Game: Special "We Don't Need No Stinking Badges" Edition

Tomorrow morning, at old Rockridge, things will never be the same.

There'll be a bunch of seniors -- Bill Callahan's kids mind you -- who will say goodbye to the grand old college days. And a coaching staff that's already been on notice. No Candygram from Mondo needed. After the game, no matter the outcome, Barry's and the Sidetrack and even Cliff's will be packed with people, wanting to toast to...well, whatever. It's the end of an era. And Billy C's era was not unlike A-Rod's four years in New York in pinstripes. He was sent here as the new sheriff of Rockridge, and he never did give anyone the spunk we needed. Oh sure, we got teased big time last year, with Zac Taylor and that Texas A&M game. But one thing we all need to know. Billy C may be a cockroach, but he's OUR cockroach. And that cockroach gets to live for, well, at least two more games.

(BTW, back in the day, who would you rather have fucked, Rhoda or Phyllis? This is all MSN's fault. And now I get word that Don Henley and Teddy Danson are the best of friends. Which is probably a good thing, because he threw everyone else under the bus. And poor Brittney Spears is now officially really pissed. Oh well. It's been a really weird year. But can someone really explain what happened to Gene Wilder? Was it all about Gilda Radner dying? I mean, this was the go-to guy for all things comedy in the 1970's, he's still alive, and all he has to say anymore is how disappointed he was that Tim Burton did Charlie and the Chocloate Factory? Wes Anderson should put Gene Wilder in his next movie with Bill Murray.)

The picks:
  1. Nebraska (+8) over Kansas State: Come on, the wheels can't TOTALLY come off the bus, can they? If Billy C's really the cockroach we think he is, he finds someway to win at home, on VERSUS TV no less, to at least cover? I don't know, Callahan's fucked us all, I'm just asking for one time for him to come through on something. I really felt sorry for the bastard on Monday morning during that Big 12 conference call when some writer had the balls to ask, "How can you justify keeping your job after giving up 76 points to Kansas..." and Billy C had nothing to say. You gotta think getting over a touchdown at home, on THIS day, he'll do what he did two years ago with Harrison Beck. But then again, this is the Billy C era...
  2. Kansas (-6) over Oklahoma State. You have no idea how much KU nation is worried about this game. Now that they've officially gotten nationwide respect as a football program, this is the ultimate trap game. But I'm all on with the real Mangenius. Whether he's burning the garden of Eden whenever he goes recruiting or not. Who cares what anyone else says. Mangenius doesn't have a mess, he's got himself a program. We've put people on the moon and developed the internet, and Mangenius has KU undefeated, until they play Missouri at least.
  3. Hawaii (-17) over Fresno State. Jesus, does nobody else realize what an absolute lock Hawaii's been this year? And they could run the table, and be this year's Rutgers or Bosie State? Take June Jones and his crew again this week.
  4. NFL time. Indianapolis (-3) against San Diego. Oh, nobody thinks the Colts are pissed at losing last week? And nobody realizes that San Diego isn't the San Diego that Ron Burgandy dreams about? This is the only NFL lock of the year we could find...
  5. Chiefs (-3) over Denver. It's at KC. The Broncos are, in the words of Derek Lee, in Operation Shutdown. The Griefs are good for at least a touchdown win at home. Especially after losing a game to a protected Brett Favre last week at Arrowhead.

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Operation shutdown = derek bell