Monday, September 10, 2007

John Cusack: "I've Only Made 10 Good Movies."

John Cusack has made news lately, saying that of the 50+ films he's done that only ten of them are good, mentioning Being John Malkovich and Grosse Pointe Blank as two of the ten gems. Let's see if we can come up with 8 more without cheating at In no particular order:
  1. High Fidelity (maybe his best)
  2. The Grifters
  3. Eight Men Out (one of the Top 5 baseball movies ever)
  4. Say Anything...
  5. The Thin Red Line

Ok, he might be right, I'm struggling with 2 more.

6. The Sure Thing
7. Sixteen Candles (although I'd hardly call it a John Cusack movie)
8. Bullets Over Broadway (and I had to cheat and look that one up)

So perhaps Cusack is right. Am I missing anything?


Mac said...

Hmmm...the man may have a point. I'd argue that "Sure Thing" definitely should be considered a good movie. "Better Off Dead" was a teenage favorite but I don't know if it could be considered "Good" -- altho Abariotes would disagree. I'd put in a good word for "The Ice Harvest" w/Billy Bob but I supposed that would be chalked up as an interesting failure.

If hungover on the couch and I can't find the remote I might watch 10 straight minutes of "Serendipity" but that's cuz Beckinsale is so f***ing hot.

Maybe when you think about it, tho, going 1 for 5 isn't that bad movie-wise...I'm sure there's lotta stars out there w/lower percentages.

Dirtylaundry said...

You can drop f bombs in this site, it's alright. Haven't you noticed this fucking site is rated NC-17?

If you want to be like Hollywood and be that PG-13 guy that everyone's rooting for to get the girl, go visit Bsmoked. But if you're that Rated R guy who we're not quite sure about yet, then stay here!