Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Non-Husker Football Spring Practice Report

Local sports talk radio got a day off from learning some new twists and turns of all things Billy C and Sam Keller and garage doors. Clark Kellogg of CBS reports that Creighton Basketball Coach Dana Altman will become the new head coach for Iowa (basketball, not football) within "the next four days." Even though a lot of Iowa fans don't seem to want Altman. Which is probably fine with Dana, he loves it in Omaha, he's the Cock of the Walk, his team currently plays in the best facility in the Midwest.

Meanwhile, Husker football practice has been so uneventful that "hair" apparent Sam Keller made news for a rather minor disturbing the peace violation.

And Maurice Purify is still pretty pumped up about bowling a 300, so much so that he's disturbed he can't bowl a perfect game every time (yes, this is REAL bowling, not the popular bowling video game that is becoming the next Golden Tee at local bars).

In sports news that ESPN would never talk about, Alex Gordon, former Husker baseball star and future reincarnation of George Brett, will start the season Monday in Kansas City, playing 3rd base, wearing #7 and hitting 5th. ESPN has all but handed the Rookie of the Year award to somebody in Boston named "Dice Kay", but you heard it here first: Gordon wins the honor in a landslide. The Yankees will dream of someday getting Gordon to replace A-Rod at 3rd, and I'll begin to gradually slit both wrists.

Joey Pants is still crazy (and yes, this link includes what seems to be his AOL address). Seriously, getting killed on "The Sopranos" must really leave you lonely.

Finally, two great youtube clips, the first Mackenzie and I talked about when it was first reported. Director David O. Russell getting into it big time with Lilly Tomlin on the set of I Heart Huckabees (on a plane to Vega$ at the time I believe is where we first discussed this). It was only a matter of time before we saw the feud in all of it's glory:

This next one we've been meaning to post for sometime. Yes, that's Rip Torn, the actor who would three decades later play Artie, one of the top 3 greatest television characters of all-time on The Larry Sanders Show. It's safe to say that Rip Torn has been crazy from day one, or as Curt Schilling puts it, seven days a week and twice on Sunday. In the wild and free 1960's (RE: Pre-Altamont), Norman Mailer made a film in the late 60s called Maidstone. He played the part of a famous movie director who is considering a run for the presidency. Rip Torn played his potential assassin. At the end of filming, Rip appeared to get a little too far into his role, and he attacked Mailer on camera with a hammer, drawing blood. Mailer retaliated by viciously biting into Torn's ear, drawing even more blood. Their fight is now forever with us. Torn may want to lay off the Salty Dogs a bit. The greatest thing about this clip is that it's totally something that Artie would do:


Flenker said...

I am one of the Hawkeye fans not totally sold on Dana Altman. It's mainly because I don't know much about him, other than he's the coach at Creighton, the only coach that Steve Alford beat in the NCAA tourney with Iowa. If he's hired here, I'd support him, I'd give him a chance. He may not be the "sexiest" choice for Hawkeye fans, but 8 years ago, it could be said that Iowa hired the hot, up-and-coming coach. Look how that turned out now. . .

BSmokedTurkey said...

Wow. That Rip Torn clip is Jaaacked up.