Wednesday, March 21, 2007

First Husker FB Practice: Who Said This?

It was a fun and good practice today. It's a great way to start the spring. I thought they all looked good. There were quite a bit of plays that we threw in for the first day and a lot of shifts and motion. We did not hold back from where we ended going into bowl preparations. We picked up the installation the first day of practice just as if it was the last day.

TRANSLATION: I know who looks good and who looks like shit. What do want from me, huh? Lucky's gonna start, Purify's going to be our leading receiver and ah fuck it, Sam Keller's the starting QB, there, you happy? To me, this is all a fucking carousel and the sun is a scoop of ice cream. Now if you'll excuse me, Sam --- oops, I mean --- Steve Peterson said something about Aloe Vera or Lanolin, I can't remember which. And something about balls needing some tonning, I think he said. Anyway, until tomorrow, tallyhoo fuckwads!

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