Friday, January 19, 2007

Speaking of Warren Zevon

You can go to his official website and fill out a petition to get Warren elected into the R&R Hall of Fame.

This comment from BSmokedTurkey:
  • "I'm not much of a Zevon fan beyond his greatest hits BUT: I remember talking to a Richard Marx fan who went to a concert where Warren Zevon was the opening act. Apparently, he was booed off the stage. That always seemed like an absolute travesty to me."

First of all, I not only don't know any Richard Marx fans, but if I'm ever missing, the last place you should go look for me would be at a Richard Marx show.

Oh, and why in the world was Zevon opening up for Richard Fucking Marx? Great, now there are two things I'm disappointed in about Warren Zevon. The other is that he evidently developed a friendship with "Tuesdays With Morrie" and elephant-eared freak Mitch Albom.

But the great things about Warren certainly outweigh those little travesties. The times he'd fill in for Paul Schaffer on Letterman. The one Letterman show where Warren was the ONLY guest on the show. Putting together that band with Mills/Buck/Berry from REM and did a cover of Prince's "Raspberry Beret." The unforgettable Larry Sanders episode which featured Zevon, John Ritter and Gene Siskel (all who have since gone to their great reward by the way).

Jackson Browne was one of Zevon's biggest champions, and he gave an interview to Rolling Stone following his death. It's a good read, much better than listening to poor, poor, pitiful Richard Marx.


BSmokedTurkey said...

BACKSTORY (When keepin' it real goes wrong):
(written by Bsmokedturkey special to Dirty Laundry)

The Richard Marx fan in question was a semi-cute co-ed when I was a freshman at UNL. Rather than feign an interest in Richard Marx, I chose to let my disgust that they would dare boo Warren Zevon off the stage blaze forth.

There's a line in the great book Lonesome Dove: "A guy that won't cheat at cards for a poke just doesn't want one bad enough."

"A guy that won't fake an affinity for Richard Marx for a poke just doesn't want one bad enough . . "

Mackenzie said...

SmokedTurkey does have a fairly valid point there, D.L.

The only other thing I can add about Mr. Marx is that when I saw his CD in the collection of my freshman roommate, (along w/the soundtrack to "Stealing Home") I knew I was in for a looooong couple a semesters