Tuesday, October 03, 2006

So You're Telling Us There's A Chance We Won't Have to Listen to Jim Rose???

And it actually looks like a good chance that NU at K-State is going to be televised after all. TBS should be all over this one for their 6pm CDT slot on October 14th. The Corn still draws well nationally, and this date is almost the 2-year anniversary of the now legendary 70-10 Texas Tech loss that was carried live on...TBS.

We know you'll do the right thing, Turner Broadcasting System. Please don't leave Jim Rose as our only option. Throw Craig Sager on the game if he needs something to do. Don't you want to see how Billy C and Ron Prince are going to act towards one another after the whole text message recruiting debacle of last winter? We're not asking for much here. Baylor/Texas and Iowa State/Oklahoma are both yawners waiting to happen. Let ABC have Missouri/Texas A&M. If you don't pick this game up, well, I guess FSN will an put it on at 11:30am CDT, which means Husker fans will start drinking far too early in the morning, and a Nebraska loss would kill bar business in the Omaha and Lincoln areas from 3pm on.

So to paraphrase Winston Wolfe, pretty please, with sugar on top, schedule the freaking Corn.

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