Tuesday, October 03, 2006

ALDS UPDATE: Tigers-Yankees

Fox can't decide if this is a baseball game or a red carpet countdown to an awards how. Let me take that back, I'm pretty sure they've decided it's not a baseball game (and with the Yanks leading 5-0 it really isn't). But they've spent way more time trying to find stars in the stands than anything happening on the field. We had to go through the requisite Rudy Giuliani sighting in Yankee hat ("The former and current mayor of New York" noted Joe Buck), Denzel Washington, and ("All in the same suite, what a power trio") Donald Trump, Regis Philbin and Dick Ebersol.

FINALLY -- The Tigers put three on the board and turn this thing into a game. Then out of nowhere, at the end of the sixth inning, Tim McCarver brings up the fact that Marilyn Monroe was once married to Joe DiMaggio for "nine months". He even had to tell the old "Joe, you've never heard such cheering -- Yes I have" story. I'm starting to wonder if even McCarver can name three players on the Tigers roster.

Bottom of the sixth, Ken Rosenthal does a report down on the field to talk about the state of the Yankee bullpen, how tired they might be after being used so much during the regular season, and how they might have to go to Rivera even earlier. You know, actual things that might impact the game for those of us interested in such things. As he ends the interview, Joe Buck asks Ken, "See any stars?" Rosenthal says the only stars in his area are the police officers ("the real stars"), while the cameras again find Denzel again, prompting Buck to say, "Come on, you're right next to Denzel?"

I didn't realize that Fox had begun carrying Entertainment Tonight in primetime.

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