Friday, September 29, 2006

Uh oh, Now Whitlock's Fired Up the Corn

We've actually grown quite fond of Jason Whitlock as of late. He called out Royals ownership in the best way before they wisely dumped Allard Baird and brought in Dayton Moore. He gave that great, candid interview to The Big Lead, where he effectively dissed both Scoop Jackson and Mike Lupica (and believe us, the Lupica diss was overdue from SOMEBODY who spent one of their Sunday mornings with him on The Sports Reporters). Like every other respected national columnist, he agreed with us in regards to the whole TO coverage. And now he's really won us over. He's inadvertently gotten Husker Nation to hate him. And he didn't even go all LA Times on them and make fun of the corncob heads or anything. Here's the quote that's got everyone in such a tizzy:
  • "There's no reason to count the (Kansas) Jayhawks out of the (Big XII) North race. There's no team in the North you can say is better than Kansas with any certainty.
    And there's no coach in the North you can definitively claim is better than Mark Mangino."

You see, especially following the USC loss, Husker Nation has just assumed that the Big XII North was more of a foregone conclusion. Business around Omaha and Lincoln are doing promotions already to "Go to Arrowhead to watch Nebraska in the Championship game", meaning that you could register for tickets to the Big XII title game in KC, where in a lot of people's minds, the matchup is already set: Nebraska vs. Texas/Oklahoma.

Some Husker Fans being Husker Fans have taken the low road in regards to both Whitlcok and Mangino this week (RE: Their weight). Don't worry, we won't link to any message boards, although a good google search will get you to a few dandies.

Oh, and everyone's still pretty pissed off about last year's debacle at Lawrence, where the Corn got their Corn Cob heads handed to them by the Jayhawks 40-15. It's odd that many fans now feel it's a foregone conclusion that this is the ultimate revenge game, and the score will definitely be reversed in Lincoln tomorrow night. To paraphrase the late Harry Carey, it could be, it should be, it....might be. But Whitlocks' right folks -- nobody can say anyone's better than anyone with any certainty, until oh 9pm CST tomorrow night. I'm guessing our new boy Whitlock will be at Memorial Stadium, and he can see first hand whether or not Husker Fans really are the "classiest" in all of college football.

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BSmokedTurkey said...

Point of clarification: If I can't make fun of Mangino's weight, is it still okay to make fun of the conjoined twin on Frank Beamer's neck?