Friday, September 29, 2006

CORRECTION: Mangino's Weight Issues are Fair Game

"Anything's funny" has always been Chris Rocks mantra. We're all about anything being funny, especially involving Mark Mangino, it's just that all week long -- it seems that this was Husker Fans way of making fun of the Jayhawks. They finally win a game against Nebraska -- hell, they opened up the perverbial can of whoop ass on the Corn -- and all anyone around here wants to do is talk about how Mark Mangino is our generations Jabba the Hutt. Hell, even WE busted out with a Mangino weight joke earlier this week, noting that his biggest concern seems to be whether or not to eat that third sandwich.

Anything's funny, if it really IS funny. Anything or anyone is fair game. That's what this site and blogging in particular is all about. We have no rules. Correction: We have no fucking rules. The only rule is that the Royals have to abide to one of their OWN rules and lose three straight to the Tigers this weekend and screw up the Twins ALDS. Fine, after this week the Royals could find 103 ways to fuck up a wet dream (which is exactly what their loss total will be come Sunday afternoon).

Anywho, this was supposed to be some sort of Husker BLAHG about how every says Mangino is a fat bastard who's too fat to win a game in Lincoln. I'm just going to give the guy credit for trying to the impossible: Turn a basketball school into a legitimate football threat. They aren't there yet, but last year's loss was a big ass step. They've got a nice new stadium coming in the not too distant future. Meanwhile, Stevie P has put a new TV screen in the North end zone in Lincoln that's about the size of Mangino's ass.

ALRIGHT we'll stop. We should be more pissed off about missing the boat about Scarlett Johansson being named the Sexiest Woman Alive by Esquire (we totally agree ), but we were way off in our prediction: Based on the earlier pictures from previous Esquire issues and the really big clue of her being a guest star on Entourage, we thought for sure it was Sara Foster, who also isn't a bad pick.

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