Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Stugots 2006 Fantasy Football Roster, or "Wasted Time"

Nobody should ever be in more than ONE Fantasy Football league. NOBODY. It's the only way. One team, that's it. Just as your heart can only have room for only one Major League Baseball team (although if the Royals keep up their losing ways, we could always ammend this rule), you can't put together more than one Fantasy team and expect to put together any semblance of a competitive team, let alone lead an enjoyable fall lifestyle. And yes, I know some can file this blog under "Who the Hell Cares?", but too many people ask about who the hell's on my fantasy team, and now I can just direct them here and then get around to talking about more important things, like why Kate Hudson has a thing for guys with big....noses.

It's a fun league, usual rules, with Fourteen (14!) owners. The draft went relatively quick (less than 90 minutes). The Stugots (what I name my fantasy baseball team, so I'm trying to develop a name brand here, plus that team made the playoffs so I'm hoping for some sort of karma payoff) were saddled with one of the absolute worst picks possible. #9....#9...#9....#9. For all of you Beatles fans out there, "Turn me on dead man" by Yoko Ono was going through my head when I heard I had that pick. No boring details on why I made each pick, I'll just present the results and some quck comments after each one if they need commenting on:

1. (9) P. Manning QB (because playoff stats don't matter)
2. (20) T. Holt WR (because I can't trust TO)
3. (37) D. Foster RB (best RB available)
4. (48) F.Taylor RB (best RB available)
5. (65) D. Stallworth WR (because everyone was raving that McNabb would go out of his way to
make everyone forget about TO with this guy)
6.(76) T. Gonzalez TE (token Chief pick, but not many better TE's)
7. (93) Ma. Jones WR (I have no idea)
8. (104) L. White RB (at this point, both White and Busch had gone ahead of Vince Young)
9. (121) A. Randle El WR (just because I remembered him throwing that Super Bowl TD pass)
10. (132) J. Elam K (everyone was starting to take kickers and if I didn't jump on one here...)
11. (149) M. Leinart QB (thought it was waaaay too early, but I got the traditional, "Damns" and "ahhs" after I took him. Plus good enough for Paris Hilton, good enough for the Stugots
12. (160) Miami DEF (Because you have to have a defense, and this one's always a crapshoot if you ask me.
13. (177) A. Lelie WR (Considering the reaction this one got, might be my one late round steal)
14. (188)D. Staley RB (Because I need to be reminded Bettis is gone but still from Detroit)
15. (205) Cincinnati DEF (I was just bored here)
16. (216) D. Carr QB (just in case Manning's tourrette's like actions cause him a serious injury and I need an emergency backup. That and Jeff George for some reason wasn't on our board).

Of course, somebody had to take a token former Husker for their team (Correll Buckhalter, who I think might have been the only former member of the Corn on the board unless Eric Crouch's practic squad workouts for the Chierfs counted for anything).

As a good friend of mine says every year, "I always say this is my last year doing one of these things, and I always get roped in at the last minute." We're all probably to the point now that doing one of these leagues is simply a permanent fixture in our lives. That and the payday for the winner is always worth going through a 90 minute draft.

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