Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Rolling Stone Corrects a Big Mistake; Callahan Being Callahan; and the one QB Transfer that Worked Brillitantly

A few years ago, I was up in arms when Rolling Stone came out with their "Top 100 Guitarists of All-Time". There were some obvious glaring omissions, but it seems now that they admit one major mistake, and it's about time.

On a completely different front, Billy C gave his weekly state of the Huskers address, and it sounded, oh pretty much like every Callahan press conference since waaaayyy back when he was head coach of Oakland Raiders, you know, way back when they didn't have Jeff George to kick around. Turns out, as usual, he's really excited to play, they've got a really tough opponent and they'll offer some really unique challenges on special teams, and oh by the way, there's really no starting "I-Back" but rather 4 guys who Billy C is really in love with and will see ample playing time. Of course, none of this really matters this week (or next week for that matter). Nebraska will win big on Saturday, there will be a Terry Bradshaw sighting at Memorial Stadium because he'll want to support HIS alma mater (and some in Husker Nation will confuse this for some approval of the Nebraska football program). We still won't really know anything until we see 0:00 at the conclusion of the NU/USC game on September16th.

Which of course leads us all back to a water cooler discussion this morning. Joe Dailey and Harrison Beck certainly aren't the first or last quaterbacks to leave big name programs for supposed greener grass (or turf). But the question came up today about whether a QB has ever transferred from one big name program to another one and really done much better for themselves.

There is one from the former Big 8 Conference who left the conference, still went on the beat up on the Huskers, was a Heisman Trophy finalist, was the #1 NFL Draft Pick, won 3 Super Bowls, and just this summer was enshrined in Canton in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. And became known as Michael Irvin's favorite quarterback in the process, which is no easy thing to do.

Twenenty-two years ago, Troy Aikman was invited to a summer football camp at Oklahoma. Head coach Barry Switzer offered him a scholarship on the spot, which Aikman promptly accepts. One year later, Aikman breaks his ankle in the fourth game of his sophomore season at OU. Jamelle Holieway takes over at quarterback and leads Oklahoma to the national championship.

In 1986, with Jamell clearly established as the starting quarterback at Soonerville, Aikman decides take his ball and transfer to UCLA, qhwew of course he has to sit out one year.

In 1987, Aikman is named UCLA's starting QB the day before the 1987 season opener against San Diego State. Troy Aikman would finsih is NCAA career at UCLA with a 20-4 record (including a big win in 1988 against Nebraska). Jimmy Johnson would take Troy as the #1 pick in the 1989 draft for his rebuilt Dallas Cowboys. Aikman of course would win 2 straight Super Bowls under Johsnon in 1993 and 1994. Then when Johnson left in 1994, the Cowboys brought in a new head coach...none other than Barry Switzer. Aikman would win one more ring with Switzer as coach, and the rest is history.

You never know, in 10 years Rhett Bomar could be winning a Super Bowl for Kansas City with Bob Stoops as his head coach. Sometimes leaving works out in a big way.

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