Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Double Tapered Style

That video just works itself, which gave us really all of November to focus on things that might be considered work related. And that's kept us from trying to offer opinions on whatever happened with the past four Nebraska Football Games. But seriously, the real question we have right now regarding the Huskers is, What the hell did Cody Glenn get suspended for?

One of the more intriguing things about Bo Pelini's first year as the new sheriff in town is how he's handled the media. And one week ago, during his normal Tuesday Press Conference, Pelini stood up in front of his sheep and dropped a bomb that nobody saw coming: Former Running Back turned Linebacker Cody Glenn was suspended from the team indefinitely. All indications are that he's gone for the year. But for what?

Glenn had played remarkably well for somebody who switched positions during his senior season, so much so that there was serious speculation that he could be a mid-round pick in the 2009 NFL Draft. He was one of the great stories of this team going into the Kansas State game.

And still, after a week, where WE'VE asked anyone and everyone, and other members of the media have patrolled nearly ever bar in Lincoln, nobody can uncover the truth. The rumor mill has been working overtime, and we've heard every possible story. None has any merit. Frankly because Pelini has his staff and team so buttoned up on the situation that nothing has come out. Which in this day and age, is just insane.

All Pelini is on record about the situation is that Glenn violated team rules. But what rule would lead to a Senior starter getting suspended indefinitely? Which makes everybody think it had to be something really bad.

Pelini didn't have his weekly presser today, which means he could dodge any questions about Cody Glenn for another week with no game this weekend. If it's a simple "violation of rules", you'd think Pelini would address the situation again one week from today and say the Glenn would be activated for the Colorado game, which is the last home game for the seniors. Imagine the seniors getting introduced prior to the game and there's no sign of Cody Glenn. Wouldn't that suggest the kid did some serious shit?

Obviously he didn't go LP on somebody, or Andy Christensen, because there would be a police report and nobody would have to rely on Pelini to get the scoop. But nobody has anything on Glenn. At least nobody in the know is talking about it. Yes, some players paid tribute to Glenn during the K-State game with "shout outs" to him via their sets of eye black.

The smart money is on Pelini making a statement by suspending Glenn for doing something minor. And if that's the case, he has to at least activate him for the Colorado game and give him a chance to return to starting linebacker for the bowl game. If Glenn's still suspended next week, this story stinks to the heavens. Even after the Lawrence Phillips fiasco, Osborne gradually brought him back to the point where even HE got to start in the 1996 Fiesta Bowl, give NFL scouts something to think about, and leave early for a shot at the pros. And LP went Spiderman on an apartment building, breaking into an old girlfriends apartment (a player for the University Women's Basketball Team no less) with the team's future starting quarterback hiding in a closet. And oh by the way, pulled the woman's hair down a flight of stairs for good measure. Even he got a second chance.

So if you don't see Cody Glenn at Memorial Stadium (on the sidelines, in uniform) next Friday, something aint right in Denmark. He did something more than shit his pants in Vegas.


Mac G said...

I heard that he sold his tickets. This info was from DEK. Good to have you back DL. I missed your posts and insight on Huskerville.

Padraig said...

Stopped by hoping that the Grover resurrection at Minnesota would stir you out of hibernation.

FWIW, had xmas with relative from the LPD who said "I can not tell you what Cody Glenn did b/c I would get fired BUT it was AWFUL and he is VERY LUCKY that he will not be charged with anything."

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