Tuesday, July 08, 2008

100 years and, done counting!

D.L, Where the hell have you been on this shit? your suppose to be spot on. First I pull "High School USA" out of my ass and not a peep. Now we have the cubs practically Guarunteing thier way to the World Series with the aquisition of Harden and nothing?? Now, I know as well as you DL, that trading with Billie Beane is like sleeping with Maddona, your going to be regretting it a few years down the road(are you listening now A-rod?)but knowing the players the Cubs gave up in this trade I think it was a no brainer for Jim Hendry.

1. Matt Murton - Stuck in AAA Iowa with Fukadome and Soriano tied up in long term contracts- everyone has known he was getting moved since March.

2. Eric Patterson - Another player with no place to go, also Cubs may have been tired of waiting for him to develop and felt they waisted enough time on older brother Cory and saw little E going down the same path.

3. Josh Donaldson - AA Catcher with promise, but Cubs have a rookie of the year contender at Catcher right now.

4. Gallagher - My guess this is the crown jewel, the guy that Beane had his eyes on, it would not surprise me to see him flourish in a year or two with the A's. He has been mediocre so far with Chicago, but every Cubs fan saw promise with his young arm.

The great news with this is that the Cubs have Harden for the remainder of this year and all of next, unlike CC Sabathia with the Brewers. Also, unlike the Brewers, the Cubs did not need to empty their farm system for a one shot chance at a post-season run.


Dirtylaundry said...

Yes, since the NY trip we've been relatively quiet, if only because we've got an extremely busy fall coming up to get geared up for, a very up and down Royals season (which has led me to lead some sort of crusade to get Jose Guillen voted in as the last American Leage All-Star). But expect us to get really prolific in about a week.

We have three posts already done, one of which probably isn't going to run, another features a fellow employee from BSmoked's work who goes back and forth on the Royals with me. I just wish he'd say "fuck" a little more and safely realize none of his quotes will appear in any mainstream publication. Oh who am I kidding -- we are MAINSTREAM baby.

But thank you for picking up the slack, as we wait for Mackenzie and Bsmoked's first posts of the entire freaking YEAR.

Dirtylaundry said...

And yes, incredible deal by your Cubbies. Might be enough to put them over the hump, but I'd get a #3 starter from somebody to keep the Milwaukee's away.

TravisRoastBeef said...

Zambrano, Harden and Dempsters a pretty good 1,2,3?