Saturday, March 15, 2008

Set Lists Only The Few Can Figure Out

Above is the actual copy of the actual set list from Springsteen's show in Omaha last night. I guess if you're a band that's being doing this stuff for almost your entire adult life, you can get by with shorthand on what song is coming up next (BToR is "Born To Run", Dan is "Dancing in the Dark", and a few other ones would require some serious guesswork from even the die-hard fans of the boss).

And don't worry: Silvio is alive and well, as Steven Van Zandt has gone from being Tony Soprano's right hand man to this original second banana (or as Christopher would say, bandanna, role). Evidently Connor Oberst came out during an encore to sing backup and play tambourine on "Thunder Road" (or as the set-list calls it, Th. Rd). And yes, all indications are Van Zandt is done with Silvio's rug:

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