Friday, March 21, 2008

"A Guy With A Long Face Walks In With A Horse..."

I don't know what freaks me out the most: I beg Travis Roastbeef to snap a quick Flynn picture only to have him fail miserably; or that somebody actually kept a ton of pictures they traded with classmates...and still has one of our famous intimidating phone caller. And took time from their life to scan it on a computer and post it on-line.

In the interest of full disclosure, SOMEBODY collected these pictures to the point that they're in mint condition some 20 years later...and now there's a website where all of us can write fake bios for everybody. I strongly encourage anyone and everyone to write bios for people. Mackenzie helped me write one in the only way that could be done. In fact, I'm taking Mac's text message about said subject and posting it as his "what he's been up to for 20 years" item. And frankly, that's what the Internet is for. I'll put the link up later, but by all means, nothing is sacred, nothing is too raunchy or wrong. The fact that anyone can do a bio on whoever they want is just too good to pass up.

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TravisRoastBeef said...

Okay, I am staying away from this one, here is my Ball club.

G Soto - flyer pick
P Fielder - 2nd round
B Roberts - future cub???
R Zimmerman
S Rolen - Took a flyer here
K Greene - thanks for the tip
F Lopez - I like this guy
N Markakis
H Matsui - blah
K Fukudome - we will see
L Milledge - still waiting for him.
M Cabrera
A Kearns
Jason Bay - Late pick
B Hall
A Rios
D Ortiz - first pick
C-Ming Wang -
A Pettitte
A.J. Burnett
R Johnson
D Matsuzaka
N Robertson
J Beckett
T Lincecum