Saturday, November 24, 2007

This is the End...

Wait a Kevin Cosgrove still has his job???

So as it happend over the course of five minutes this morning, Tom Osborne pinned all of this exclusively on Bill Callahan, to the point that all assistant coaches got guaranteed money for the next 13 months (provided they don't take another job with greater pay). Wow. Just wow.

Screw Callahan, how do you justify keeping Cosgrove on the payroll for another year?

You can't, Tom. But obviously TO went to the coaches during the five game skid and told them that 3 of the next 4 was enough. That obviously it was the embarrassment at Lawrence that did everyone in. Why Callahan went medieval on everyone before the K-State game, and subsequently showered the media with how great his "system" was. But according to TO, Callahan and company got their warning; that they needed to win or at least play close in their final three games to save their jobs. Steve Sipple has done a nice piece on the end and how Callahan never "got it." But my thinking is that when Petersen was fired, there was no prayer for Billy C.

OK, seriously, why is Cosgrove still sitting here?

It took less than five minutes, according to Osborne and the video that WOWT has up. Seriously, is there any more fitting video than Billy C driving off and waving to the media in his Lexus SRV? Callahan just wanted to hear the news, and received reassurance that he was getting that $3 million check. In other words, Callahan found out that in this area, Tom Osborne is still God. He may not be Governor, but he's God.

So you had to make a change, but please, somebody tell me why Kevin Fucking Cosgrove is still getting checks from the University!!!

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