Tuesday, October 16, 2007

We Hate To Say We Told You So, But Damn They Work Fast

As predicted here first, you're looking at the New Athletic Director for the University of Nebraska. Presser slated for 5:15pm CST for those interested. The sound you hear in the background is the noose tightening a lot more on the Callahan Crew.


Hawkeye State said...

This has nothing to do with the triumphant return of Tom "I'm not a savior" Osborne, but you guys wrote more about the Sopranos finale than just about anyone else. It's probably been covered by 500 other people, but I haven't seen it, so here goes.

There was a lot of discussion of the ties between "Members Only" and "Made in America," especially since Members Only jacket guy seems to be the primary suspect if Tony got whacked. Seeing as how S6, part 2 is out in a couple of weeks, I went back to start S6, part 1 last night. And maybe the most obvious clue of all is right in the middle of "Members Only."

Eugene Pontecorvo, who is wearing a gray Members Only jacket throughout the episode, gets sent to Boston for a hit. Pontecorvo walks into a diner (with orange booths, no less), initially steps toward the window to order, then turns, walks down the row of booths toward his target (Terry Spirodakis, according to wikipedia), who is an overweight bald guy. Two in the chest, and it is over. It's also a pretty obvious preview of the death of Tony some 20 episodes later.

Dirtylaundry said...

That's an excellent point, one we all saw that, and after watching the "Members Only" it's quite obvious about the Members Only connection. Also of note, the guy who wore the Members Only jacket in the final episode is billed as "Members Only Guy" in the credits.

Joe Pantaliano, who played Ralphie, gave an interesting interpretation on the final scene the other day. He said, "It was brilliant. It didn't matter if Tony died in the next 30 seconds (Chase originally wanted 30 seconds of black screen time to end the episode) or in 30 years. The message was that for the rest of his life, however long it would be, Tony would have to look over his shoulder for all of his past sins."