Sunday, October 21, 2007

Game 8: Texas A&M 36, Nebraska 14 (Special Crusty Old Fuck Edition)

The only thing that naive, overly optimistic Husker fans are saying now is one thing:

"We only need two wins to go to a Bowl game!"

Whatever. The only real thing to look forward to with this 2007 season (other than to see if NU can lose all of it's remaining games) is the insightful book written by a Nebraska English Student that alleges Callahan had a lot more to say than "fucking hillbillies." Did Billy C really call TO a crusty old fuck after a phone conversation with him? Does the Pope shit in the woods? OF COURSE he did. And for the record, Billy C isn't the only one who has used that term of endearment regarding our beloved TO in the past 5 years. Remember, Osborne was very sore and bitter about not getting a chance to become the Governor of the state of Nebraska.

But this isn't about TO, it's about a clueless coach who jumped at the first (and only) job available after he got Fredo Corleone'd by the NFL. Remember, that last season, Callahan publicly called out his Raiders team as "the stupidest bunch of players in the world." I'm sure the instant he landed in Lincoln, he felt the big fish in small pond mentality. Actually, he was probably stunned he was offered a multi-year job.

And now, in his final moments at Nebraska, he has a team with talent, but he himself still doesn't even have a clue. It was never going to work out, as much as all of us thought it just "might". It was never a good hire. He was never the right guy. The instant he said he was bringing a 750 pound playbook and the West Coast Offense to good old Lincoln, everyone should have made their Beavis face and said, "Uhm...this sucks." And it does. And it will. Until that chilly November Saturday after the Colorado game, when what Steve Pederson did to Frank Solich will come full circle.

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