Friday, October 05, 2007

Executive Game: Nobody Knows Anything

Here's what sucks about the current state of college football: There are no more easy bets. It's becoming more and more like the NFL in terms of gambling. Vegas has had the NFL figured out for decades. There's a reason they keep building new hotels and casinos in Vegas by the second, and that's because they're making a shitload of dimes off of people who think they have the system beat with all things regarding the National Football League.

Meanwhile, you could find these wild lines, like Nebraska a 35 point favorite over Arizona State, the rest of the "gambling" community would stay away in droves, but the thinking person understood that was an easy play. Now if Nebraska played Arizona State at home, the line would be something like 7-10 points and everybody would stay away from the game as far as loading up with a little heat on it.

The other thing about the current state of College Football. It's looking painfully obvious that we're going to have a National Champion with at LEAST one loss. What if LSU loses to Florida? What if USC stumbles (which it looks like they could any week now)? Say OU gets back and runs the table, wins the Big 12 South, but then loses to Missouri/Kansas/K-State/Nebraska/Colorado or whoever wins that thing. Then what? Both Ohio State and Wisconsin are going to stumble, and then THEY play each other. Meanwhile, my big pick of the year, Hawaii, is going to run the table and be the last undefeated team standing.

Oh, and the Big 12 North could be decided on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. KU and MU play each other. At Arrowhead Stadium. And some team from South Florida who everyone wants to say, "You know, I was down there like, 10, 11 years ago, and they were coaching out of TRAILERS." Big fucking deal. A new restaurant comes to town, you have to go and interview in a trailer while they wait for the restaurant to be built. You're a team in FLORIDA. You can find kids driving around an hour a day and still be competitive. You try and work that magic at a place like Iowa State and get back to me.

We took a bath last week, going 2-5, but I think everyone took it in the ass. This week, things should be back to normal. Plus, the baseball playoffs have started, and damn if TBS isn't doing a killer job with them. Screw Fox, let's just let TBS stand for "The Baseball Station" and let them do the whole thing. Plus it's worth it just to tune in to see what that wacky Craig Sager is going to wear. One time he had on the complete purple outfit that Prince wore in Purple Rain, another time he had on one of Burt Reynolds get ups from Boogie Nights. I wouldn't be surprised if he shows up at a game dressed as Little Bo Peep at this point.

(OOH, Mac's gotta be chain smoking big time, the Yankee game just went into extra innings. I don't expect to hear from him again until the Yankees win.)

It's not fair to make baseball Division Series predictions at this point, especially with two teams up 2-0. So we'll go for broke here:

  1. Missouri (-7) over Nebraska. Seriously, when was the last time the Tigers were anything but maybe a 3 point favorite over the Corn? The good news is this is one of those HUGE statement games yet again for Billy C. He wins this thing, he's back in the good graces of Husker Nation. The only problem is, he still insists on bringing Super Grover and that fat ass play book with him to the stadiums. Remember, Ball State put up 40 points on the Corn. Iowa State ran 103 fucking plays! All in Lincoln. For those two games alone -- that is, not including the USC fiasco -- the blackshirts game up over 1,000 yards in offense. This game's in Missouri. They have a terrific offense. Yes, they have no defense, but guess who else doesn't? Super Grover, the white courtesy phone please.
  2. Purdue (+7) over Ohio State. Remember how we said the Buckeyes were due for a loss or a big let down? This is it kids.
  3. Kansas (+3) over Kansas State. Mark my words: Mark Mangino gets up for rivalry games. Just jump all over this beast and thank me later.
  4. Baylor (+9) over Colorado. LETDOWN game kids. IT'S DIVISION I FOOTBALL!!!! THIS IS THE BIG 12. Yeah, and both the North and South are soft. Sorry.
  5. Oklahoma State (+7) over Texas A&M: "I'M A MAN -- I'M FORTY!!!!"
  6. Texas Tech (-24 1/2) over Iowa State: Tech won't let that Iowa State team run 50 offensive plays on Saturday. Sorry.
  7. LSU (-7) over Florida. LSU is just head and shoulders above everyone. They might win by two touchdowns. Which now brings me to my Dwayne Bowe lunch story. I actually had the opportunity to have him sit at a table with 5 others at a Chiefs rally. Everyone was going on about the Chefs and how they were going to be, if he was going to start, if he was a good fantasy pick, blah, blah, blah. Meanwhile, I wanted to know about LSU. Bowe looked at me, nodded his head and said, "Man, I wish I could play on that team this year." He said it was the most talented bunch of players he'd seen put together. Ever since then, Bowe's become the best rookie Wide Receiver in the NFL since Randy Moss' rookie year, and I'm on the LSU bandwagon. Thanks D Bowe, even if that Chicken Cordon Blu sucked.
  8. Hawaii (-39) over Utah State. Just jump on the bandwagon while we still have all kinds of room.

Last week: 2-5
Overall: 12-12

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