Tuesday, September 04, 2007

He Might Be Billy C, But He's OUR Billy C, Through 2012

College Football Coaches contracts really aren't worth the paper they're printed on anymore, but what timing for Nebraska to announce that they'd like to keep their short little football coach around until January, 2012. I can't imagine how many Margaritas Frank Solich is going to throw down after reading this news.

Two other things to remember (and I'm just pointing these out):
  1. Notre Dame gave Charlie Weiss a long-term extension awfully fast (and frankly, I applaud NU for waiting to do this after a few years with Billy C. I mean, it wasn't like they were going to extend his deal after the Corn went 5-6 in 2004.), and I'm guessing right now they're thinking ol' Charlie aint putting the NASTY back in Dynasty anytime soon. Financially and stability wise, this is a good deal for NU and Billy C. Oh sure, if NU somehow beats USC and the Huskers get a BSC bowl, Callahan could become hot property and go Nick Saban. But from where Callahan's career was following that debacle in Oakland, I'm sure he couldn't ink this extension fast enough.
  2. This is now officially Husker post 66 on our little blog. I tried to make it post #666, but the blogspot people would have none of it.


Mac G said...

Who knew that 15 losses in 3 years would get you a contract extension so soon!

TravisRoastBeef said...

Did he make any comments like, "I would like to be your football coach if you'll have me" Alla Dana Altman. This certainly takes all the pressure off of beating USC and competing for a big 12 title. It could be worse, he could be in Lloyd Carr's shoes this week or Charlie Weiss.

Dirtylaundry said...

Seriously, just how steamed do you think Solich is about this? What if complacency sets in and the Corn shit the bed against Wake Forrest this week?

Carr is D-U-N-N Dunn!

Lincoln Frat Boy said...

Or when you drink to much

BSmokedTurkey said...

That's a hard arguement for me to counter. I am indeed lame.

However, I can't just sit back and accept flack from some guy who wears a pedophile trench coat (please reference the photo next to this post).