Saturday, September 29, 2007

Game 5: Nebraska 35, Iowa State 17 (Special Larry David "Ehhh" Edition)

Nebraska 35, Iowa State 17 is, under this current "regime", considered a step forward.


Iowa State ran over 100 offensive plays today against the Blackshirts. Joe Torre won't even let Roger Clemens throw 100 pitches in a game. The Cycylone offense was on the field for damn near forty minutes. An episode of Curb, it should be noted, wraps things up in less than 30 minutes every week. Iowa State also had 415 yards in total offense, which means Super Grover's defense has allowed....over 1,000 yards in the last two weeks. In Lincoln.

But this game gets lost thanks to the fact that there were literally 7 other colossal upsets, which makes the Corn coming out with a win enough to be considered passable (plus USC only won by 3, Good God what the fuck was going on Saturday???). OK, understood, it was that kind of day, but Billy C better be praying to his Little Tin God that his team wasn't amongst the nuttiness.

It's this simple really. If Nebraska keeps this shit going on defense, they can't expect to escape many more Saturdays. Especially not at Missouri next week. Hell, not at home against Kansas State. If they can somehow figure out how these maligned schools can walk into Lincoln and shred them a part, well, there's enough fucking parity this year where they can slip to another Big 12 North Title.

Whatever, you just can't count out Saturday as being a day of "nuttiness" as everyone in Husker Nation is already claiming. What is "nutty" is that going into October, the league's two only undefeated teams are...Kansas and Missouri? And that's probably because those two teams had BYES today!

Fine, so the whole conference (and really all of CFB) has been turned upside down. That's no excuse for what Super Grover struts out there week after week after week. His defense hasn't regressed back to late '80's Husker style; they've managed to pre-date the 1962 Devaney era. For the past three weeks, Grover's defense has played in what's supposed to be one of the most feared places for any road team. A sea of red, some 80,000 strong that actually get loud and rise to the occasion. You know -- the sort of place where it should be relatively easy to force some 3 and outs. This defense has got to get shit fixed and fixed fast, because guess what? There are no more Ball State's or Iowa State's on the schedule. And if Saturday was so nutty, just how much more nutty does a trip to Boulder sound now?

As LD would say sarcastically, "pretty......pretty good."

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