Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Who Does This Guy Look Like?

OK, now it's getting out of hand. First Valerie Bertinelli -- I mean her son -- is taking the semester off to hit the road with Diamond David Lee Roth. Now the guy above in the senior photo says his band will definitely have a NEW album out this year. These rumors have swirled for years, and I wouldn't hear any of them until Rolling Stone of all people tracked him down.

My favorite comment from one of the posters: "The cab driver in The Big Lebowski seemed to love the Eagles. Maybe the Eagles are the guilty pleasure of African-American cabbies in LA."


Don Felder said...

And yes, you can totally see that the picture was seriously airbrushed. And I love how he had to disclose only one side of his face in some phantom mode. "Do I look like Michael Douglas yet?" I'm sure he asked a thousand times during the shoot.

You wanna know why this puppy was airbrushed? I just looked. That muthafucker just turned SIXTY (60)!

Don Imus said...

nobody who smokes that many cigarettes can look that good past 50 let alone 40. thats a nappy headed hoe that guy is.

Dirtylaundry said...

Christ you're right, he did turn 60. How old is Roth anyway? He's got to be in his 50's.