Friday, August 24, 2007

Here's Your First Husker Post of the 2007 Season

Let's get the negatives out of the way now. I can't stand quarterbacks who wear that damn visor, primarily because the only QB I can remember who wore one was Jim McMahon (when he was with the EAGLES of all teams), and that's because he had that fork-in-the-eye injury as a kid. It just doesn't look right on a quarterback. It's like when John Olerud wore that batting helmet when he played first base. I know there was a reason Olerud wore the helmet while playing the field, but he's the only person on my lifetime I can recall doing so, never mind the fact that Olerud was one of the best fielding first baseman of his generation.

So before he even throws his first official pass as Nebraska's new savior, that's one strike I have against would be one-year phenom Sam Keller. I'm only being nit-picky on the visor because frankly Keller's getting some incredible pub now, it looks like if he can pick up where he left off he could be the next big thing (even if, remember, we only get that one big thing for one year), and he'll make for a great story if he did what Zac Taylor did. Billy C has finally named Keller the starter, something everyone figured out last November (although he's not one of this year's captains, which seems strange). He's got that one big quote attached to him that has irked some locals ("How I could go from being so good to being in Nebraska?"). And all sorts of hype that this little chart has stirred up:

Yes, those 5 picks against USC stand out, but until he went down, he was having some kind of season. If Keller does this in his first 7 games at NU, Heisman talk will be hot and heavy. All indications are that Sam Keller has looked like the best throwing QB to ever come to Lincoln. If anything, he's already taller than Taylor (6-4), which of course is also the height of our man Maurice Purify (remember, don't look for Maurice in the first game...). Let's look at the schedule for Keller & Co and make some bold predictions:
  • Nevada. This game is now officially on ABC at my favorite Saturday kick-off time, 2:30pm. No Musberger yet, he only does the ABC PrimeTime Games. WIN
  • Wake Forest. Doesn't look as easy as it did oh, say five years ago when it was scheduled now does it. Big time "trap" game before the Trojans come to town, but it's Purify's first game and he'll have something to prove after quite an off-season. WIN
  • USC. One of the most anticipated games in Lincoln, probably the most since Notre Dame and Oklahoma came to town in 2001. In what could be the most interesting part of the day, Larry the Cable Guy says that Will Ferrell is coming and will sit in his suite. Get 'er done boys. EVERYBODY'S got USC to win the whole shit-storm. They'll come to town ranked #1 in every poll and the leading Heisman candidate in John Wilkes David Booty. I'm hoping for a shoot-out with Keller at the helm, but if it comes down to coaching, who do we trust more, Billy C or Pete Carroll? LOSS
  • Ball State. Nice game to pad some stats, and David Letterman might even give the Huskers a mention this week. Easy WIN.
  • Iowa State. As Larry David would say, "Ehhh." WIN
  • Missouri. AT Missouri, which makes it a real test. The big news this summer was that all of Missouri went out of their way to NOT sell any tickets to Husker fans, other than their allotment. And oh yeah, the media has MU winning the Big 12 North. This is a big game for Billy C, and he's going to need a big road win like this one at this point in the season. It's a stretch, but...WIN.
  • Oklahoma State. HORRIBLE memories from last year. The revenge factor, plus it's in Lincoln. WIN
  • Texas A&M. Speaking of revenge, these guys will be all freaking over it coming to Lincoln. Probably Billy C's proudest moment came at this game last season (definitely Purify's finest hour). This one still scares me, but it's in Lincoln. WIN
  • Texas. And that would be AT Texas, where maybe Matthew McCounoughy will play his bongos naked after another Longhorn Victory. The Corn had their chance against Texas last year. This year could be an ugly one. LOSS.
  • Kansas. So what if it's in Lawrence. WIN
  • Kansas State. The Huskers won last year at Manhattan without much effort if you'll remember. Easy WIN
  • Colorado. At Boulder, but Colorado is finally back to being Colorado, which is really fucking fun. WIN.

So if all goes according to plan, NU should again win the North and play in the Big 12 Championship. At San Antonio. Against Texas. Probably not looking at a BCS bid this year kids. Which is a shame, because it's the only year we get to watch Sam Keller play for NU.


TravisRoastBeef said...

My favorite story about the Olerud batting helmet is when he played for Seatle and teamate Ricky Henderson told hime he use to play with another guy that wore a batting helmet on first in New York, Olerud responded, "Yeah, Ricky, that was me"

Dirtylaundry said...

I too love that Olerud story. It's one that's really taken a life of it's own. Only last year, my only year in Minor League Baseball, I learned the truth of that legend.

The REAL story: Olerud signed with the Mariners in the off-season (right before the 2000 season). Rickey, on the other hand, spent the first month and a half of 2000 with the Mets. He was released by the Mets on May 13, 2000. On May 19, 2000, Rickey signed with the Mariners. When then Mets GM Steve Phillips learned of Rickey's new home, he and friends immediately speculated what would happen when Rickey met up with Olerud, and they thought up that story over a few drinks. Olerud is on record as saying THAT'S the right story, and a broadcaster from the Mets organization swore it was too.

But damn if I can't hang on to that story with Rickey really being true.

TravisRoastBeef said...

Hey DL, this is the internet, dont let the truth ruin a good damn story. Where would the Legend of Steve Stone(former Loyols employee, not legendary Cub's Announcer)be if truth had been told.