Thursday, April 12, 2007

One of Your Announcers: Billy C?

I think it's worth mentioning that not very long ago, the Husker Spring Game was filler on one of the local PBS affiliates. And I believe you could have gotten into the Stadium to watch to "practice" with just a bar of soap. Or maybe that was Full Metal Jacket, I can't remember.

At any rate, stay home Saturday and watch the festivities live in your living room or bedroom or playpen on the NFL Network. That's not a typo about who will be offering the commentary of the game. And here's a statement from Stevie P about why the world should be excited about this:
  • "This is a unique opportunity to showcase Nebraska on a network that is all football, all the time. We know it will be impressive for the nation to see a great crowd in Memorial Stadium for the Red-White Spring Game."

That's right, everyone will watch the game on TV to "see a great crowd." And it's not a game, it's a PRACTICE.


TravisRoastBeef said...

I may watch this on television, but there is no chance in hell, ever since they decided to have the # 1's and 2's play against the scrubs, water boy's and equiptment manager's and anyone else with 2 legs and an old husker jerzey I dont see the joy in it. Green Jerzey's suck too, Just once I would like to see Cory Mckeon forget about the green and clobber Beau Davis.

Dirtylaundry said...

Now comes word that the game won't even be carried live, but on delay. Probably because the NFL Network is worried about Billy C's salty language.

As they say in spring training, one league's grapfruit, the other one's cactus, this game is just for practice.

I see you're a Godfather fan Trav. Did you happen to see the Sopranos on Sunday with the Godfather II homages?

TravisRoastBeef said...

No, I never got into Soprano's early and am now watching old episodes from the begining. As for that saying, do you have any connection's with the Cub's organization, somebody needs to call up Sweet Lou and tell him that Spring training is over and these games count.

Dirtylaundry said...

It was one of my favorite episodes, almost entirely set on a lake that echoed the end of Godfather II. I kept thinking about Sonny and Fredo. God I'm going to miss that show when it's done. Please tell me you're watching the original, unedited ones and not the sanitized shit that's on A&E. If that's the case, you're Mackenzie to me.

Re: Dead.

Adam Douglas said...

did you watch any of that Practice "game?" I tried watching it on TIVO and it was booooooooooring. I could only stomach about 20 minutes. 60K show up for a worthless scrimmage? what does that tell ya about husker fans? Does anyone on planet Earth really think Ganz is going to be the starter? why do they pummel that storyline down people's throats? Davison was actually not that bad as an analyst. However, I had very low expectations for him.