Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Look Who's Found the Magic of Ebay!

"I make over $20million a year, and I bought this honey of grill that David Ortiz said would char an Irish broad's ass, and I don't think I've found one Irish babe up for the challenge. The fucker cost me almost $4,000 (somewhere George Foreman is giggling with delight) and I've only used it one time......Hey Schilling, you're always on this intra net thing. Could you find somebody out there who might want it?"

Yes, Manny Ramirez is officially selling his "almost" $4,000 grill on ebay. I know everyone will just chalk this up to another "Manny being Manny" incident, but...Couldn't he just give the grill to somebody as a gift maybe? Like John Kruk, who'd get good use of it. You have to see this to even scratch your head at it.

OH, the bidding started at "only" $3,000.00. As of this moment, it's already up to $15,000.00. All for a Grill that MANNY RAMIREZ USED ONCE! Oh, the lucky bidder also gets a ball signed by Manny. I guess that's worth $15,000 alone. That grill better be able to find the cow, kill the kill, cut off the best cuts of meat and marinate to perfection all at once.

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Dirtylaundry said...

UPDATE -- for whatever reason, ebay's pulled this thing. Maybe Manny Being Manny couldn't handle selling that puppy for $15,000. Or it's a hoax.