Saturday, February 03, 2007

Since There's Been Nothing Else To Talk About This Week...

This is absolutely the worst week for sports talk radio. For whatever reason, all of the "big" network shows think they have to spend the entire WEEK down at the Super Bowl at something that has officially become radio row. Instead of focusing on things actually happening in the sports world, all the hosts take turns trying to convince folks (read: former players who they'd never have on as guests any other time if their careers depended on it -- I'm looking at you, Anthony Munoz) to spend a segment or two with them on the air, reminiscing on "what's going through some of the Colts and Bears players heads right now". It makes for awful radio, as yahoos like Mike & Mike think everyone else suffering through freezing cold want to hear about how great some of the food that some of the Bears fans made for them is. It makes me long for mid-February, when at least they can have Peter Gammons on to talk about pitchers and catchers finally reporting.

Some sports columnists have it worst, and most of them are forced to go back and determine the best and worst in Super Bowl history. You know, like Ned Macey of (who?). And wouldn't you know it, guess who cracks a lot of the "worst lists"??? In Macey's column titled "Even a Blind Squirrel...", we get another look at our hero Billy C:
  • "Bill Callahan: He took over for Jon Gruden and promptly led his team to the Super Bowl. Once there, he was embarrassed by his former boss in one of the worst coaching performances in Super Bowl history. The next season he alienated almost everyone on the team, leading to his dismissal with a career 15-17 record."

Another "famous" columnist, Elliot Kalb, listed Billy C's performance as one of the worst coaching jobs in Super Bowl history (shades of what we talked about in our first ever blog):

  • "Super Bowl XXXVII: Meet the new boss, Bill Callahan, same plays as the old boss. The Oakland Raiders made it to the Super Bowl with Bill Callahan, who had replaced Jon Gruden. The only trouble was, they made the Super Bowl against Gruden's new team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Bucs seemed to know the Raiders' plays, as if the plays and audibles weren't even changed from the year before. The Bucs defense intercepted five passes. Callahan had a chance to totally confuse and double-cross the Bucs. It didn't happen."

Sort of makes all Husker fans excited about another season with Billy C and his 845 pound playbook, don't it?

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