Thursday, February 22, 2007

Former Husker Has His Own Dirty Laundry

Hey, if you just lost 49-13 at Kansas State, wouldn't a concoction of Long Island Ice Teas or Whiskey-Cokes be on your agenda too?

That's what former back-up Husker center David Kolowski says was the order of the day in his new tell all tome, which is still in search of a publisher by the way.

Nothing very earth shattering in this read, unless you consider college kids smoking weed and playing football unheard of. Even with the relative success of a National Championship berth and a Heisman Trophy winner, the team seemed unmotivated, coaches were fired, and the program quickly disintegrated. And now we've got an insider to go Jim Bouton on the whole fiasco. It seems that Kolowski, who didn't look to get any playing time, opted instead to document his Corn experience by writing a daily journal on his life as a Husker player. The book is sure to cause some shock and awe in Husker Nation now that the Weird Herald has caught wind of it (and it does include a foreword by Heisman Winner Eric Crouch, who was "morbidly depressed and homesick" during his redshirt season, but we already knew that Crouch had some issues before that).

Here are some of the other goodies (and I'm guessing the Weird Herald didn't give us any of the really fun stuff, and it sounds like Kolowski was begged to not print anything derogatory):

  • Players would show up to December practices drunk or hungover. They didn't care that coaches were "showing off" for new recruits
  • Solich never had control of the team and was a horrible communicator, and that Kolowski himself intends to give a copy of the book to Stevie P and Billy C because he agrees with Solich's firing.
  • Before the 2002 Rose Bowl, former Husker Jason Peter gave a pre-game speech where he offered a $1,000 reward to anyone who could knock Miami QB Ken Dorsey out of the game (it didn't work obviously, I don't remember anyone getting a finger on Dorsey).
  • We get some insight into Solich recruits like DeAngelo Evans and Randy Stella leaving the program. The latter really pissed me off because it stopped me from doing my "STELLA" scream during games.
  • We also get to hear more about what an ass Richie Incognito really was (and probably still is).
  • Oh, that loss to Texas at home in 2002. Well, Kolowski blames the whole thing on himself, although I guess we'll have to actually read the book to know why.
  • And of course, that horrible loss at K-State caused the offensive line to get their Long Island's on for that long, lonely trip back to Lincoln.

You can now order the book at Amazon and Kolowski's going on a book signing tour across Nebraska. We're going to try and land Kolowski for some Q&A and maybe get some more insight into this. It sounds like something we already knew: Solich just isn't a #1 guy, unless you're at Ohio University and like multiple shots of whiskey on the anniversary of your firing. I can't wait until Ross Pilkington comes out with his read on Billy C, which if it isn't in the works, certainly should be.


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Anonymous said...

Wow, Crouch was homesick when he grew up in Omaha? I wonder how he feels now playing in NFL Europe?

BLV said...

Interesting. Hopefully it's better than Keteyian's Cornhusker tell-all, Big Red Confidential, where we learned that Steve Taylor had traffic violations...unpaid ones!

Did learn from that book that Doug Dubose used to wear a gold chain with a medallion that read "Secretariat."

Now that's a running back.

sager said...

Is Crouch in the NFLEL? Right now he's the only QB my Toronto Argonauts have under contract.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Yea! this book is some bullshit! tell you trhe truth this guy knew what he was doing from the first day he got to NU. If anyone was going to write a book it should fo been a started that had a real story to tell insted of telling on 19 and 20 year old kids that are just living a life they never known. What ever this ass says just know that he is talking about kids that are men now that have familes and jobs that represent them. not everyone gets to be a goodie-2-shoes, sit the bench and document the life of other players. Insted of writing this crap he should of took some time to work on his game. I wouldent be surprised if some former players had a problem with this fella on site.I really wonder how someone can get so much information bout people when no one hung out with this guy? Interesting. how do i know? because i DO. You should'nt talk about what you dont know. "GO ORIGINAL BLACKSHIRTS"

Anonymous said...

Randy Stella is the man

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Anonymous said...

Randy Stella was a beast!!!

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