Friday, February 16, 2007

Better to Be Lucky Than Good

It looks like our long national Marlon Lucky nightmare is over, for now at least. From the sounds of things, both Lucky and Billy C and everyone else around the Huskers would just like to pretend this week never happened. And since we know the mainstream Nebraska media, we know there will be no Ed Werder-esque reporting and trying to find out why Marlon really was guest of Bryan LGH for the past four days. Frankly, it's Lucky's call and right to never talk about any of this again.

But whether he or anyone associated with NU football understands it or not, they're all going to get the Lindsey Lohan star treatment. Everyone's going to continue to whisper things like, "He pulled a T.O. (in this case being Terrell Owens, not Tom Osborne)" or "He can't take the pressure". Whatever. There's a lot riding on this kid for Callahan in particular. Billy C has had some eventful off-seasons he'd like to forget himself. Callahan has to hope that the media spotlight shines on things like the NCAA fucking around with the city of Omaha with the College World Series, and Creighton's bid for another trip to the Big Dance in basketball. Anything until spring practice starts up again.

He wants a sea of 70,000 strong at the spring game on April 14th. He wants to answer questions about how great Sam Keller looks. Marlon Lucky wants all of this too, but mostly I'm sure he just wants to stay away until practice officially starts back up.

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