Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Two Clips to at Least Get You Through April and Sam Keller's Debut

This first one is great to see if only for the "Little Frankie Solich" highlight. Also some great Kent Pavelka audio. By the way, if anyone at the new Host Sports Communications Network is listening, Pavelka is still alive and well and quite healthy I might add:

This one is cheesy and somewhat disappointing considering how this past season ended, but it's a nice little recruiting video that I'm sure Billy C is going to keep on his laptop to take into living rooms over the next few months. At any rate, the season's over, it was a 9 win season if you want to look at the glass half full, and maybe it'll make you forget that the Cotton Bowl never happened.

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BSmokedTurkey said...

Has BC stated his objective for next season yet? Win the Big 12 Championship, maybe? That would seem like the next logical step.