Friday, January 26, 2007

Norvell's Leaving Lincoln; Lucky Almost Did

Jay Norvell is leaving Nebraska so he can "call plays" for UCLA. So you're telling me he didn't do that at NU? That Billy C was the crafty fella doing all that trickery? Is that what you're trying to say, that Callahan's a bit, oh, controlling? He holds that thick ass playbook like Linus holds his blanket. I'm surprised he doesn't suck his thumb during a few plays.

Now there's word from Marlon Lucky's high school coach that the (soon to be named) starting I-Back considered transferring after the 2006 season. Evidently after talking with Billy C, Lucky got some "good answers" to some of his questions. That's our man Callahan, the Good Answer Man.

Everything's back to normal. The Police are officially practicing as a band again, and in a story that you simply must read to really enjoy, Eddie Van Halen can't have just one cigarette or even one brand of cigarette (thanks to Todd for the heads up on this must read).


BSmokedTurkey said...

I'm surprised that Eddie can't still pull quality tail.

Mac G said...

Over the Xmas break I saw a clip of Lucky talking about watching several movies and he goes what else is there to do here in Lincoln. Makes me wonder if he was ready to bolt living in Nebraska. Lucky better work his A$$ in the offseason to prove he can break arm tackles and not bust every run to the outside.